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You want a managed solution.
You need a business partner to lead it.

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Need customized staffing Solutions?

Masis is about offering clients a comprehensive solution to their staffing needs. You’re getting more than just a handful of faceless resumes. We specialize in the entire talent management process from procurement of staff, to timekeeping, payroll and invoicing. We can manage multiple team projects and coordinate across multiple vendors as the lead staffing partner in a Master Service Provider capacity. With our proprietary software we can provide comprehensive reporting on spend by headcount, department or profile, and offer access to timesheet approvals and other transparencies on costs. We have alternative billing solutions to create pricing efficiencies that motivate our staff, while creating cost transparency for you. And we bring to all of this the experience and knowhow of working with a variety of clients, across a myriad of industries and skill sets, learning to modify our processes for each situation.

Future Employees

Are you looking for an opportunity to start a new career, work with great clients and learn different skills? At Masis we are looking for people who want an opportunity to work with a variety of companies and will show commitment to every project. As a Masis employee, you aren’t just going out on a job, you’re representing the Masis team. If that sounds like an exciting fit for you, please get in touch!


New Clients

We think of every client relationship as a partnership. Working together, we will make sure that you get the kind of help you want, in the timeframe that you need. And you can be sure that the people we send to you are committed to do your job and are enthusiastic about being a part of your organization. We are always excited to hear from new potential partners, and we hope that you will contact us today.