Having a competitive edge can provide the additional “fuel” (resources, know-how) to propel your company to new levels (to reach new peaks OR to enable your company to thrive).

The Masis Momentum program, created for our most loyal customers, is designed to provide just that: the expertise, resources, and access to professionals to enable your company to thrive.

What can you expect as a Momentum Partner?

  • Enhanced client support and quality assurance
  • In-person and online training and networking events
  • Data-driven intel, solutions, and strategy, to provide expert insights
  • Awesome swag to inspire you and boost productivity


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Value Added Services

Executive Education

Link to sign-in for executive education subscription  1d (LinkedIn learning, masterclass for business, or HBR. NOTE: I think we should try this as a 3 month perk (and alert clients to this) to assess engagement.)