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The typical Masis client could be a start-up with a handful of people. Or, it is an established business with multiple locations. Or, maybe it is a global enterprise with thousands of employees.

In other words, any organization can be a Masis client. It is any organization that has a need for excellent value, talented staff and timely delivery.


Supporting Our Growing Clients

Our growing clients are small companies that may need just a few people, for a few days or a week, or even want a semi-permanent staff for six months or more, to get through a busy period. But you probably don’t have an HR team to interview and hire people, and it doesn’t make sense to hire full time. You need someone who can start working right away, and can be a real contributor from day one, whether that’s as an administrator, in operations, or on a plant floor. We partner with you to create temporary teams as well as present professional candidates for permanent placement, while you move through these early stages of growth.

Partnering with our Established and Multinational Clients

Our more established clients might be going through a specific event – setting up a new plant or going through a corporate merger – and you know this is a temporary surge, but you want extra hands to assist for this period.

But no matter what your size, you come to Masis because we have the people and experience to bring it together. We can solve a staffing need, provide technology support, and be your single point of contact as your primary business partner.

Why do our clients keep returning to us? Because we make their lives easier. It’s as simple as that.