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When it comes to setting yourself apart during the hiring process, nothing is more important than successfully navigating the interview. Sure, you may have the perfect resume, a long list of quality references, and all the personality traits of the ideal new hire. But if...

When you walk into a job interview, you want to make an immediate impression. While being prepared, your personality and even your resume will all contribute to your overall impression and the likelihood of getting the job, there is still basic interview etiquette you need...

It’s the moment you have been waiting for: the call about the dream job you interviewed for last week! Everything about the job was exactly what you wanted and having left the interview feeling like it went well, you were awaiting the call with good confidence in your chance for success. Unfortunately, though, the call starts with “we’re sorry to say . . .” and then you know what comes next. While it is disappointing, it happens to all of us and more important than the outcome is what you do with it when you receive it. Here’s how to make the most of the rejection call so you can succeed the next time. job

If you are new to the hiring process, or a veteran looking to improve your vetting skills, read on. We have a few unusual hiring tips that you may not have thought of. Most of those who hire regularly have gotten good at spotting red flags like gaps on resumes, or noting bad communication skills during the interview.  But these extra efforts could be incredibly helpful in really learning all you can about your candidate. unusual hiring tips

Some unusual hiring tips to consider: