Service At Its Peak

When you hire Masis, we take your staffing needs personally.

When you hire a Masis Team member, you are hiring more than a faceless resume. You’re hiring someone who has been chosen to be part of the Masis team because they are committed to serving our clients, who are excited to deliver their very best, and are not just looking for a paycheck. You can expect the same work ethic, experience and responsibility you would seek from your own employee. But because you’ve found them through Masis, you don’t have to deal with the hassle and paperwork of a new hire. We’re the HR partner that you didn’t know you had.


Our story:

Mount Masis is one of the highest mountains in Europe. Many have tried to reach the top, but few have succeeded. Masis Staffing Solutions ensures peak service to its clients through our culture, experience and ethics.


Our vision:

We are a family-oriented, service-driven staffing firm with a sincere and responsible team dedicated to delivering custom solutions for your hiring needs. Our associates are the heart of every client solution and are a key asset to the continued development of our partnerships.


Our culture:

Our team is made up of respectful, honest, energetic, goal-driven team members who are professionals operating in a family-oriented atmosphere, and are willing to take calculated risks to exceed company expectations.