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With many teams working remotely on both a temporary and permanent basis, it can be difficult to build team unity. When outside of the office, employees do not have the same opportunities to socialize and collaborate as they do when in an in-office setting. However,...

People look for new jobs for a variety of reasons. If they’re just entering the job market, say, straight from college, their primary motivation might be to just get experience, even if the pay isn’t great. For others, they might be looking for more flexible work hours, or an opportunity for promotion. But whatever the reason for looking for a new job, one of the ways to keep people at the current job is to keep them encouraged. It's important to know how to motivate employees, not just lead them. Often feeling encouraged at work can be more important than an incremental raise, more vacation days, or other purely economic benefits. For most of us, the paycheck matters, but money isn’t everything. Motivate employees

Here are some ways to motivate employees: