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Tips to Keep Your Staff in Good Spirits During COVID and Flu Season

Tips to Keep Your Staff in Good Spirits During COVID and Flu Season

Due to the pandemic conditions, tensions are high, and it seems like a while until everyone can take a full sigh of relief. 

For your staff, this pandemic can take a toll on their mental health as they adjust to new systems and wait for the waves to subside. Their anxieties may be multiplied since this is also regular cold and flu season. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your team’s spirits up and help them find some serenity in the middle of COVID and flu season.


Your staff will feel more valued if you are transparent with them as you endure the pandemic’s changing conditions together. Day by day, it seems new pieces of information are shared regarding how to stay safe or what the status of the spread is. 

So, keep in the loop and become a helpful resource for your staff. Be clear about how your business may be impacted, so they understand how they may be impacted. These communication guidelines can help you effectively share insights into the conditions around and within your workplace. Whether your team is on-site in the office or working remotely, you can try these communication methods: 

  • Daily update emails
  • Meetings following major COVID announcements to discuss how they impact your staff

Promote Health and Wellness 

Help your employees boost their immunity by promoting health and wellness in your office. This will demonstrate that you are united in staying safe from extreme or common virus spread. Push daily Health Tip memos to give your team the resources to stay well. 

This is a stressful time for everyone as you watch daily case numbers. Remember that your team may feel powerless under these circumstances, which can cause further stress in their day-to-day activities, including work, and lead to possible burnout

Initiate mental wellness programs in the office or send resources to your team so they can learn how to cope with their COVID-related anxiety and stay productive and in brighter spirits. 

Keep the Energy High

Now is an excellent time to bring some fun into your work life. Give your employees a reason to smile these days. 

If they’re working remotely, you could send a team-wide joke or song to start their day on a happy foot. Or, if you’re in the office together, offer complimentary lunch or treats once a week.

Positivity and spontaneity make a solid mix for boosting your workers’ morale.

Show Gratitude and Recognition

During these stressful times, your team has continued to show up, commit to your business, and get things done. Together as a team, you’ve been enduring months of uncertainty that may have impacted what workdays look like or your personal lives outside of work. 

To truly make your employees feel warm inside and motivated to keep moving forward with your company, show your gratitude. Recognize the hard work they are committing with a genuine thank you. You can make this small gesture, and your employees’ spirits will be through the roof.