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2024: Whatever It Takes!

2024: Whatever It Takes!

Masis Staffing Solutions is proud to announce company wide growth and changes as an organization, including our 2024 slogan, “Whatever It Takes!”.

As the 10th anniversary of Masis approaches, we are continuing to focus on growing strategically both in current and new markets. With this growth comes constant change; change that we are ready to embrace for the future of our Masis Family.

We are committed to taking Masis Staffing to the next level over the course of the next 10 years, and are pleased to share recent modifications within our organization.

Our company will now be led by two presidents, Frankie Vaccaro and Matt Vaccaro. Frankie will also serve as the Chief Operating Officer responsible for daily business operations, sales, company strategy, technology, and growth initiatives. Matt will take on the role of Chief Culture Officer overseeing HR, company culture, customer service, and partnerships.

Bret McClean will assume the role of Chief Business Officer driving company sales, operations, and risk management teams.

Going forward, Masis will be divided into five regions. Each region will have a senior leader that will take responsibility for both the sales and operations of their respective territory. The new regional structure will be led by the following people who have been promoted to the role of Vice President or Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations:

Region 1 – Chris DeSantis
Region 2 – Jose Cruz
Region 3 – Salvatore Mula
Region 4 – Stuart Nitzkin
Region 5 – Nelson Rebollo

We are integrating the departments of sales and operations in order to better support clients throughout each step of our service. Defining our territories by region and coaching our team to be cross-trained in different areas of expertise will allow Masis to provide our partners with an even more personal, hands-on support system to get the job done. This will also strengthen and enforce our expectation to be one company working towards the same goal.

In addition to aligning departments across our regions, Masis is proud to announce the formation of a new Partnership Department. This team will be led by Sue Boffoli, who has been promoted to the role of Chief Partnership Officer. This department will further enhance our capabilities of servicing our customers and keeping all internal departments working together as a united team. Masis is fully committed to providing best in class service to our clients and staff alike. This team will be focused on partnerships with our clients and Masis team members at all levels of the organization. The members of this new division have years of experience in both sales and operations.

Yolande Deryck has been promoted to Chief People Officer and will lead the strategic vision of our HR and organizational development team.

To help our team do whatever it takes, Masis has also invested in state-of-the-art technology geared specifically towards the staffing industry with a continued commitment to upgrading other systems and processes to allow our team to be as efficient as possible. We are pleased to announce the formation of an Innovation Department geared toward driving all of these initiatives and keeping Masis ahead of the curve. We are proud to report that Jay Pochini has been promoted to Chief Innovation Officer and will lead this integral team.

We’d also like to congratulate a number of other hard working individuals that have deservingly been promoted in alignment with this official reorganization. We can’t wait to see you all excel in your new roles!

We are excited for the future of Masis! Whatever It Takes, 2024!