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Why You Should Use a Coworking Space

Why You Should Use a Coworking Space

There are all kinds of exciting firsts when you start your own business. First client, first check, first hire and … first office, of course. Why not? It’s exciting to have an address. It makes your company feel legitimate. It makes you feel legitimate. But it can also be an expensive, scary investment. A good option can be a coworking space – you get to feel like you have a real, physical space, without the commitment of a private office location. But in fact, that is only one of the many benefits.

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Here is why you should use a coworking space:

Network benefits beyond the wifi. Sure, you know how to steal wifi from the coffee shop – that’s where you wrote your business plan and launched your website and all the other early steps. But we’re talking about the other network, of course – the opportunities to meet other people who are also in the early stages of building their company.

Coworking spaces are a great place to meet people who are in the same place in their development – wrestling with the same questions. And due to the shared space structure, it is much easier to make those connections than in a traditional office space.

Fully charged. A coworking space can be great when you’re getting started because you may not yet know what you need. Many spaces allow for 24-hour access, so long nights are easily accommodated. And if you suddenly grow your team faster than you thought, you just move into a bigger office down the hall.

Not to mention that they have built in office amenities that are usually expensive to provide on your own. Not only better coffee, a nicer location and cooler furniture – but also coworking spaces often get discounts a single business can’t negotiate. That could mean better rates on gym memberships, bank accounts or other great perks for you and your employees.

And the dollars and sense. The economics of a coworking space are set specifically to allow new businesses to get started with offices at an affordable rate. Sharing reception, common areas, wifi networks, means an overall more economic solution.

But coworking space still allows you all the credibility of a real brick and mortar presence – you can meet with clients and interview prospective employees – without stealing wifi.

A coworking space is short-term with long term payoffs.

Best of all about coworking spaces is simply that they are designed to be short-term commitments. So once you outgrow the usefulness of the space, or if for some reason it’s just not the right fit from the start, you can easily walk away. And that itself might be worth it.