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Desirable personality traits in job-seekers.

Desirable personality traits in job-seekers.

There are many “givens” when being interviewed for employment—including everything from being on time to
doing your background research on the company, dressing appropriately and staying positive. In addition,
however, there are several personality traits that can help you stand apart from other job candidates.


Always remember: You’ve earned an interview because you’ve already demonstrated some attributes that
appeal to the employer. Your scholastic performance, your previous job experience, your presentation of your
qualifications—any or all of these have helped you “get a foot in the door.” You should have confidence that your
skill set is a close match with those skills deemed critical to the employer; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been
asked to interview. So far, so good. Now make sure that you discuss your professional capabilities in a tone and
manner that convey determination, drive and perseverance.


Job-seeking 101: Be who you are—and beware of idle boasting and false modesty. You’re not being asked to
overwhelm the interviewer will endless tales of unmitigated success and triumph; no one can claim (with any
degree of honesty, anyway!) to always come out on top. All of us ultimately prove ourselves by rising to
challenges as best as we are able. Remember that with failure and disappointment come learning, wisdom and
resoluteness. Your “job” is to convince the interviewer that you are a genuine, sincere individual who is willing
(and able!) to do better each and every time.


When it comes to making good impressions, there’s never any harm in stating the obvious: Honesty always has
been—and always will be—the best policy. Look at it from the perspective of your potential employer: If
candidate X isn’t completely candid in an interview—or is in any way purposely deceptive—how can that person
possibly be trusted to assume a position of responsibility? Hyperbole is acceptable in fishing … not job-hunting.


The importance of dependability can’t be overemphasized. Anyone can claim to have done a good job at any
point in time; it’s the consistency of that action that ultimately matters. You need to assure your interviewer that
you can always be counted on—each and every hour of each and every workday. Just think how aggravating it is
to have spotty cellphone coverage; reliability is always the hero.

Any job within an organization is a position of responsibility. Companies simply can’t operate if they constantly
have to micromanage employees. When you first take on a position, you are made aware of its associated duties
and responsibilities. Doing what is expected of you means having the initiative and motivation to execute those
responsibilities without supervision or direction (unless, of course, a certain situation warrants it). Having a job is
tantamount to having a “contract” that guarantees performing specific services in exchange for a specific wage.
Holding up your end of the bargain means demonstrating sufficient drive and self-discipline—and acting in ways
that enable you to take ongoing pride in your job.

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