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Ready to Temp? Here are the Fastest-Growing Staffing Jobs

fastest-growing staffing jobs

Ready to Temp? Here are the Fastest-Growing Staffing Jobs

You probably already know that a temp job can be a great way to learn a new skill, jump start your career after some time out of the job market, or get your foot in the door toward a permanent position. Over three years, the number of workers in temporary jobs increased 28%. But where are the fastest-growing staffing jobs — the specific industry areas that are showing increasing demand?


fastest-growing staffing jobsHere are the hottest areas for temporary jobs right now.

1. Human Resources

It might seem counterintuitive that employers sometimes use temporary employees in a department that helps hire other employees, but in fact, HR temporary jobs are one of the faster growing sectors of the staffing agency market. They also garner wages at the higher end of the market. One cause for the spike in demand – the Affordable Care Act– more businesses are now required to offer health insurance and they need qualified staff who can help their employees navigate new options.
[bctt tweet=”For real irony – temp agencies are themselves using temporary HR resources to help them implement insurance plans required by the Act.”]
(And yes, this means that more and more temp workers are getting health insurance – yet another reason to give staffing agencies a chance.)

2. Manufacturing

In recent years, some Midwestern staffing agencies have reported as many as 60% of their open positions as being in manufacturing. Manufacturing can be seasonal depending on the specialty. Some products sell more during the holiday season, others are tied to processing different crops at harvest time.

But whatever the cycle, companies in industry can have a spike in need for forklift operators, pickers, packers, and other manufacturing positions.

3. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Most businesses uses temporary agencies to help deal with short-term surges in demand for their services or products. Tax season is a perfect example. If you have a background in financial services, and in particular, if you are certified in accountancy, you could find a lot of opportunities at the right time of the year.

3. Health Care Workers

One of the fastest-growing staffing jobs categories in 2014 was health care, with an anticipated 15% growth for this year. Demand for health care workers has increased generally, and the temporary job market is no different. Not in health care? Cooks, substitute teachers and retail sales are equally popular.

4. Technology Temps

Not surprisingly, tech is still king, and IT temp positions are expected to rise 19% this year. With the explosion in technological advantages, mobile communications and social media, there is an ongoing “talent war” for those with these skills. As the fastest-growing staffing jobs reflect the constant advance of the Internet Age, experienced IT workers are at an advantage to find short-term opportunities.

Of course, like any job, experience is often a game changer when trying to edge out other candidates for these roles. But the great advantage of temporary employment is that it can offer access to roles that will help you build these skills. And if you do have this experience and have been focusing purely on traditional long term roles, considering a foray into temporary jobs could be just as rewarding and could eventually lead to the perfect permanent job.