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Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM)

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM)

At Masis, we’re always concerned with ensuring the good mental and physical health of employees everywhere.
That’s why we ask all employers to help us commemorate the month of May as Global Employee Health &
Fitness Month (GEHFM).

Launched in 1989 by the National Association for Health and Fitness, GEHFM is intended to generate awareness
about the countless benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In the workplace, healthy employees are more productive and less stressed—with higher levels of energy and
motivation. Employee absences (and associated healthcare and insurance costs) are dramatically lower, which
boost overall business efficiency and help strengthen morale and camaraderie among coworkers. In addition,
employees in sound health are better able to think through challenges, execute tasks effectively, and fine-tune
their abilities and skills.

Certainly, encouraging healthy lifestyles among employees should be an ongoing initiative all year round.
However, given the extra attention at this time of year to good mental and physical health, this blog provides a
short list of ways employers can encourage and foster fitness in a business environment.

  • Sponsor regular on-site exercises or conditioning activities like yoga
  • Invite a nutritionist to make a presentation on good dietary habits
  • Stock cafeterias and break rooms with healthy food and beverage options
  • Leverage your social media channels to disseminate health-oriented suggestions and advice from healthcare professionals
  • Offer programs designed to help employees quit smoking
  • Offer alcohol-education programs
  • Create fun events or contests that promote better everyday health habits (e.g., parking farther away from the company’s building or using the stairways more frequently)
  • Dedicate an on-site bulletin board or location as an “employee forum” for the exchange of health-related information
  • Offer break times throughout each business day for simple activities such as stretching or meditating
  • Encourage mentorship-type relationships in which employees can encourage and support one another as they adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Join the nationwide GEHFM effort by registering your company as a participant in activities and programs by visiting; registrants will receive a member toolkit with helpful hints and tips for maximizing the initiative’s benefits for their employees

Of course, before beginning any fitness activities, employees should consult with a medical professional to identify those strategies that are most appropriate to their specific health needs.

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