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How To Keep Employees Engaged Through The Holidays

How To Keep Employees Engaged Through The Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, both in and out of the workplace. It seems to go by so fast that it feels nearly impossible to get everything done.

Employees may be prone to extra stress during this time of year, which is why it is so important to keep them engaged in a healthy workplace environment. Additionally, seasonal hires may be feeling out of place and overwhelmed as they start a new job during the holiday season and should be made aware of the company’s policies, goals, and incentives as early on as possible.

Staying on track during such a hectic time can be difficult, so it is vital that managers and bosses are warm, receptive, and understanding of the internal and external stresses their employees might be facing.

Have Empathy & Be Flexible. The holidays are time for joy and giving, so it’s in your best interest to have extra empathy during this time. People may need time off for personal reasons, or may become behind on projects due to stress and feeling overwhelmed. The best way to promote productivity while also having empathy is by being flexible. Things won’t always go perfectly, and that’s okay. Employees will be more gracious if you first grant them grace by recognizing their wants and needs during this time.

Offer Rewards & Incentives. Rewards and incentives are great ways to encourage employees without making them feel pressured. Offering rewards in the form of catered meals, additional vacation, discounts, or gifts may have employees working harder during a crucial time for business.

Communicate: Make Goals & Priorities Clear. One of the worst things you can do as an employer is blindside your team members with impossible standards and out of reach goals. Communicating with your team on your expectations for the end of the year will allow them time to ask questions and create an understanding on priorities and goals within the organization.

Promote Health & Safety. With the changing, chilly weather, employees may become sick and need time off and it’s important to grant it to them. You want to make it clear that health and safety is your number one priority. Promoting yearly flu shots and vaccines is another good way to prioritize the health of your employees, and encouraging them to protect themselves and others.

Celebrate Together. The holidays are all about celebrating and unifying as a group. A team of employees and co-workers is the perfect place to be festive and bring fun into the workplace. A great way to implement celebration is by exchanging gifts through a ‘Secret Santa’ system or throwing a holiday party (which could be virtual or in-person!). This allows employees to celebrate one another and gives them something to look forward to. Be sure to recognize the many different religious holidays occurring during this season and be inclusive of all employees no matter their beliefs. By recognizing and celebrating every holiday, more employees will likely feel included and appreciated.

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