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Avoid Production Reduction: How to Increase Office Productivity

office productivity

Avoid Production Reduction: How to Increase Office Productivity

Employees are always a company’s most valuable asset. But even great workers are only as good as the quality and quantity of their efforts. Motivation is key, but it can be a constant challenge to maintain or increase office productivity with corporate challenges or employee rewards. However, there are a number of things you can change in the physical office space that may encourage more workflow, without requiring a lot more effort.

office productivity

Try out these ideas to increase office productivity:

Plan for plants. Studies have shown that a little greenery in the office can increase productivity – by as much as 15%. Some office plants to consider are spider plants, lemon balm and philodendron.

Stay away from flowers, both because of the pollen — which will aggravate allergies and sinus issues — and the fragrance. Roses and lilies can be lovely at home, but the strong scent can cause headaches, especially in a windowless environment.

Outside encouragement. If at all possible, choose office space that has windows. Natural sunlight boosts creativity and mood far more than fluorescent light (big surprise) and can be particularly helpful for those who suffer from seasonal mood disorder.

Those who tend to be slightly claustrophobic also will feel less confined in a room with a view. If sunshine really isn’t possible, LED lights are generally favored over fluorescent – really anything with a softer glow that is soothing, not aggravating, will keep everyone in flow.

Stay cool. The office thermostat is often a source of contention. At any one time, five people will be hot and ten will be cold. And then – just the opposite. Generally people find it easier to adjust to a cool environment by just bringing a light wrap or cardigan to the office.

So if you can’t please everyone (and you can’t), err on the side of slightly cooler. While you can warm up fairly easily, no one is happy sweating through a meeting, and having embarrassing damp spots. Studies show that somewhere between 70 and 77 degrees is optimal.

Be (a little) blue. Most people know that different colors can have a real impact on people’s moods. One of the most productive colors is blue – but a little goes a long way. Think about a single wall, or the hallways, as opposed to all four sides of an open plan office. And if you’re not in charge, add bits of blue to your desk – postcards, file folders, pencil cups – can all add spots of brightness.

Increasing office productivity doesn’t have to be difficult.

You can make changes to an office that are not expensive, and easy to do. Plants that require limited care can be affordable and low maintenance. A can of paint is a low investment choice. It’s also ok to do it over time – your employees will likely enjoy a steady rollout of new improvements, and hopefully, find themselves getting more work done.