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Interview tips that go the extra mile

Interview tips

Interview tips that go the extra mile

You already have the basic interview must-dos down – on time (or a little early), neatly dressed, easy on the perfume or cologne, etc. But everyone knows that, right? So what interview tips can you follow to edge out the others and get the best chance possible of landing the job?

Interview tips

Here are interview tips that go above and beyond:

Scheduling savvy. All interview times are not created equal. You want to grab a slot that is most likely to get you a focused interviewer who’s not distracted. That means avoiding the very beginning or end of the week.

Monday mornings are tough because people are recovering from the weekend, trying to empty their inbox and plan the week. Fridays are less than great for the opposite reason – everyone begins shutting down and going into weekend brain and you risk being their last task to push through half-heartedly.

Related, during the day, you’re better off mid-morning. Too close to lunchtime and you’re competing with your interviewer’s daydreaming about which salad to order. Come in right after lunch and risk the person facing food coma.

[bctt tweet=”Therefore, mid-morning on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are the times to shoot for when scheduling an interview.” username=””]

Keep up. These days, there’s no reason not to be up on a company’s major business goals or most successful products. Check their social media accounts, read their web pages, or keep up with business articles. Certainly you should know who the CEO is.

But if you want to impress, learn something about the business that shows you took the time to do research and get to know them. You should always (always, always) have a question ready if asked during the interview, and a great time to showcase your knowledge of the company is to mention something you’ve learned.

Ask “I was really impressed that the company has increased sales 80% in the Pacific Northwest. What has made it so successful in that region this year?” That’s a lot better than “Where are your most competitive geographic areas?”.

Grow up. It’s a well-researched fact that taller people tend to make more money. You may not be able to add six inches to your frame by tomorrow morning, but if you’re a woman you can certainly wear (conservative, appropriate) heels, and if you’re a man, just ensuring that you don’t slouch, can help make you appear taller and project confidence.

Go for glasses. If you need an extra boost to help you look smarter, glasses are still associated with intelligence, even with the prevalence of Lasik and contacts. So in particular, if you are young or otherwise appear inexperienced, a pair of glasses can be more than a fashion statement.

One of these interview tips could be your secret to success.

Remember that with all of these interview tips, the point is about perception. And that’s ok – you might just need to feel taller, smarter, more attention-grabbing to project the confidence that will impress a new employer. At the end of the day, these interview tips are all just multiple routes to the same place – putting you in a position of feeling successful and ready to lock down that new opportunity.