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The benefits of attending a Masis job fair

The benefits of attending a Masis job fair

When looking for a job, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to make connections with people who are in positions to enhance the success of your search. After all, your likelihood of learning about (and ultimately landing) a good job increases with the number of people you meet and the amount of information you acquire.

In a nutshell, that’s exactly the purpose of a Masis job fair.

Typically held at outdoor locations near companies with current job openings, Masis job fairs provide an ideal forum for job seekers of all skill levels—including those in the job market for the first time. These fairs are seasonal in nature—usually running April through early November—and can vary in frequency, so it’s suggested you check this website regularly for updates on dates and times.

In addition to those reasons cited above, there are many other reasons why job seekers should attend a Masis job fair, including:

  • Accessibility. Attendees have immediate access to people and information. No appointments are necessary; you can simply show up and start a conversation with a Masis representative. Depending on the situation, you may even be granted an immediate interview with the hiring company.
  • Ease. You can show up during fair hours at a time that works best with your schedule; in fact, some people are not even aware of a Masis job fair until they happen to pass by one on the street.
  • Informality. For anyone, job seeking and interviewing can be stressful. That’s why Masis job fairs are informal events, situated in laid-back, relaxed settings. Refreshments are available, free gifts are distributed, raffles are held, and music is played continuously (BTW: There’s no harm in making your favorite musical requests!). While you are encouraged to be tidy and professional-looking with appropriate attire, it’s most important that you show up and express genuine enthusiasm.
  • Getting job-seeking tips. If you have a current résumé, you are encouraged to bring it along. During the Masis job fair, you may be given suggestions on improving your résumé to better showcase your unique experience, skills and knowledge. (You may even be offered help in writing a résumé, if you have never done so before.)
  • Refining your presentation skills. Each time you “present” yourself and your professional qualifications during interactions like those conducted at a Masis job fair, the more you refine and improve your interpersonal skills. Even without a résumé, you need to be able to speak to your past job history, as well as your capabilities. The more detailed you can be about things like your specific machine or equipment experience/certifications, your familiarity with specific processes, and your on-the-job accomplishments, the better your chances of standing out from the competition.
  • Expanding your possibilities. Sometimes it’s determined at a Masis job fair that your skill set is not a good match with those skills sought by the hiring company. In such cases, however, you can still leave with valuable information and background about other companies and job opportunities for which you may be better suited. In short, a Masis job fair is never a waste of your time!
  • Expediting the job-hunting process. Masis job fairs represent real opportunities—currently available positions for which there are immediate needs. And, as mentioned, if your qualifications seem particularly strong and relevant, you may be granted an interview with the employer right then and there, on the spot. All of this can dramatically accelerate your job-hunting process, since you’re not “blindly” submitting applications to companies that may merely be collecting them for future reference.
  • Getting a free job-seeking consultation. As the expression goes: “Our time is your time.” The primary purpose of a Masis job fair is to help you succeed in your job search. You may stay as long as you like—whether it’s to get suggestions, meet other job applicants (remember: you never know who you might meet when networking … and you never know when networking might pay off handsomely!), take an interview, or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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