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The Power of Gratitude: Why Expressing Employee Appreciation is Important

The Power of Gratitude: Why Expressing Employee Appreciation is Important

Each year, the first Friday in March is recognized as Employee Appreciation Day. There are many ways that you can show your employees appreciation and recognition, such as group bonding activities, thank-you notes, or by simply saying ‘thanks’. But it’s important to recognize why showing appreciation is so significant. 

Let’s take a look at why expressing appreciation to your employees is not only beneficial to your organization, but may also improve the productivity and well-being of those that work for you: 

Boosts energy & morale: When employees feel appreciated for their hard work, their energy shifts. The work environment becomes a more positive place, and company culture improves. Energy is infectious, especially positive energy, so when morale is boosted and employees are happy, it shows in their work and the way they interact with others.

Increases productivity: When hard work is rewarded, even with something as simple as a thank-you note or a one-on-one conversation, employees are more likely to continue that hard work. Employee recognition increases the productivity of your team, causing them to go above and beyond to continue receiving praise and acknowledgement for all that they do.

Higher retention rates: Showing your employees how much you value their work makes them want to stay at your company longer. If they enjoy what they do and where they’re working, it’s likely they will want to stay working at your company with those who appreciate their efforts and see how hard they work. 

According to a report from Quantum Workplace, “Organizations with formal employee recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don’t have any program at all.” 

By simply expressing your gratitude and making your employees feel seen and heard, you’re likely to have a lower turnover rate and retain your hardworking, dedicated employees.

Attracts new hires: When a company is known for employee appreciation and recognition, it’s more likely that job seekers will become interested in working for you and your team. 

Hard work deserves to be recognized, and candidates applying for positions at your company want to know they will be valued and appreciated by their peers and superiors.

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