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Tips for Temp Success: How to Effectively Onboard and Integrate Temp Roles in the Workplace

Tips for Temp Success: How to Effectively Onboard and Integrate Temp Roles in the Workplace

When hiring temporary roles in your organization, it’s important to set your new employees up for success, just as you would for full-time, long-term staff members. Temporary roles play a major part in your organization, and these employees should be treated within your organization as if they were a direct hire; with respect, clear communication, and proper tools for onboarding.

Temp roles may transition to hire down the line, so be sure to follow these helpful tips to reduce turnover rates and retain as many hardworking employees as possible:

Structured onboarding & training: An excellent way to ensure the success of a temporary role is to have an organized and thoughtful onboarding process. Go over company policies, expectations, guidelines, and job responsibilities when a temp employee begins, and give them ample opportunities to ask follow-up questions. Starting a new role can be overwhelming, so the training period is the perfect time to make a new employee feel at ease and welcome in the workplace.

Team integration: Make your temporary employees feel like they are part of the team – because they are! No matter how short-term the length of their role is, it’s important to encourage socializing among your team members. It may lead to more collaborative success, make everyone feel welcome, and boost morale. Examples of team integration activities include introductory meetings, team-building exercises, group lunches, and social events outside of the workplace.

Resources and support: In order for temp team members to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, provide them with resources that will help them achieve their goals. If technology or equipment is required for the role, be sure that employees undergo proper training and have access to any tools needed for success. Additionally, make sure that temp employees know that leaders, mentors, and human resources experts are always available for clarification or support during times of need.

Feedback and communication: Check in with your temporary workers on their performance in the workplace early and often. Communicate with employees by highlighting their skills as well as areas they may want to improve so that they can adjust their behavior accordingly. This will help them improve and grow as employees, and may even lead to the possibility of retaining them in a position for longer. 

Clear expectations: Make the expectations of your temporary and full-time workers abundantly clear at all times. To avoid confusion or uncertainty, make the line of communication clear and highlight who each temporary employee will report to and what they will be expected to complete. This can help enhance productivity and ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page.

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