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‘Tis the season for seasonal jobs!

‘Tis the season for seasonal jobs!

Well, it’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and businesses everywhere are
ramping up to be ready for spikes in consumer spending.

For individuals in the job market, this means that now is a great time for seeking seasonal employment—that is,
temporary jobs that are directly related to fulfilling the explosion in demand throughout the holiday period.

This blog is intended to familiarize you with some of the most common of these temp opportunities.

In-store Retail Sales Work. Despite the incredible rise in online shopping, millions of consumers still visit
“bricks-and-mortar” stores and malls to make their holiday purchases. (Part of the allure, of course, may be the
annual in-person visit with Santa!) Retailers both large and small always need extra help to handle the surge in
customer traffic. If you possess solid “people” skills and communication skills, retail sales could be a great shortterm gig.

On-site Retailer Inventory Storage and Stockroom Help. Not all in-store retail work requires interaction with
the general public. There are always people “behind the scenes”—individuals who are responsible for storing,
organizing, sorting and preparing “display-ready” merchandise for quick in-store order fulfillment.

Warehouse and Distribution Centers. Distribution centers have been around long before the days of Amazon.
(For example, from the earliest days of the Sears chain in the 19th century, customers would order through the
store’s beloved mail catalogue and await shipment from the store’s warehouses.) Seasonal jobs here typically
involve a lot of physical activity, such as lifting and moving boxes, sorting and packaging merchandise on
conveyor belts, operating forklifts and related machinery, maintaining equipment, and keeping work areas clean.

Mail and Package Delivery. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for shipping companies (and it’s no
wonder, given the ease with which today’s electronic-savvy consumers can place orders for immediate
fulfillment). There are numerous shipment-related positions that experience a huge growth spurt at this time of
year, including everything from delivery personnel to drivers, driver helpers, loading dock workers, packers and
package handlers.

Food-related Production. If there’s one thing we all enjoy over the holidays (the vast majority of us, anyway!),
it’s eating. And it’s all types of food—from fruits to vegetables, nuts, and anything that can be used in preparing
holiday meals and treats. Since the demand for food escalates, so too does the need for seasonal help. Many
farms and growers are particularly “ripe” with opportunities now through early next year.

Customer Service Representative. Despite the emergence of today’s largely automated customer service
across all industry sectors, there are still seasonal needs for increased staffing support. In addition to telephone-based operators, related service positions—such as online chat portal representatives, customer-service desk
personnel and in-store “greeters”—frequently experience higher demand.

Holiday-themed Events and Parties. Throughout the holiday season, people love celebrating. Many
businesses will host parties for employees, contractors and clients—parties that invariably involve refreshments,
food and music. There are also large-scale events held by private institutions, foundations, towns and local
municipalities. The common denominator, of course, is the need for hard-working individuals to assume tasks
such as event preparation, ticket collection, concession staffing, trash removal, and clean up.

Plus…the holidays just keep on giving! Of course, all this shopping generates a sub-industry centered
around post-holiday activities, including gift returns, gift exchanges and gift-card redemption. Many of these
activities likewise require increased staffing support to handle heavy customer traffic—whether in the form of instore customer service, warehouse sorters, shipping clerks, receiving clerks, or online- and telephone-support

Lastly, keep in mind that many people successfully turn seasonal employment into permanent, on-staff positions
with benefits. The essence of job hunting, after all, revolves around networking and making connections—and
seasonal work can sometimes serve as a goldmine in this regard!

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