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Turning a temp position into a permanent one (Part I)

Turning a temp position into a permanent one (Part I)

Temporary jobs are the perfect solution for many individuals. The reasons, of course, can vary widely. Perhaps the schedule and hours fit well with a person’s daily commitments and routines. Maybe a worker prefers the versatility and flexibility that often define temp jobs. And sometimes individuals have long-term plans whereby their employment needs are limited in duration.

But what about those instances when you accept a temp position and (as is hopefully the case!) you love the job so much, you wish to continue as a permanent employee? What are the best ways to go about making that happen?

A lot of factors can come into play here. Sometimes a temp position transitions into a full-time, permanent one because someone coincidently decides to leave the company. In other cases, increased demand for a company’s products or services may require an expanded staff. And let’s not forget the very real possibility that you make such a great impression and valued contribution, the company wants to permanently hire you as part of its team.

At Masis Staffing Solutions, we take particular pride when a temp worker we have helped place becomes a permanent employee. It doesn’t simply mean that the individual has done well; it also means that we as a placement firm have made a successful match. In doing so, we have helped the company and—perhaps most importantly—helped an individual advance their career, further their opportunities, and attain greater satisfaction in their lives. It truly is an occasion that we find tremendously rewarding and fulfilling.

Here, then, are several factors that are particularly relevant and important when seeking to turn a temp position into a permanent one.

Maintain (and demonstrate!) the right attitude

A key part of any job extends beyond your responsibilities to include your on-the-job attitude. For example, do you take your job seriously? Do you get along well with coworkers? Are you respectful of others? Are you open to ideas and suggestions (and perhaps some occasional constructive criticism!)? For companies, the importance of these attributes in making employment decisions cannot be overstated.

Be (reliably) reliable

When someone’s dependability is questionable or shaky, they hurt no one more than themselves. Just think of your own day-to-day living. Would you shop at a supermarket that frequently stocks spoiled food? How long would you put up with a phone that is only in working order sporadically? Being able to rely on something (or someone!) to routinely perform as expected is a trait we all share as consumers.

Go the extra mile

If you want to get noticed on the job (in a very positive way!), demonstrate extra effort. Showing initiative can only work to your benefit. Always remember: You should take pride in what you do–and nothing boosts your sense of pride and self-worth more than a job well done. Exceeding expectations goes a long, long way in career advancement.

Never allow yourself a sense of entitlement

Being hired to do a job (at whatever level and of whatever duration) is a privilege that is granted to you. Other than fair wages and safe, healthy working conditions, an employer does not “owe” you anything. If you want to turn a temp position into a permanent one, show patience. You’ve already “earned” your current position; to be considered for a long-term one is another privilege that, once again, you need to “earn.”

Practice networking

In life, opportunities are often below the surface; they require some “digging” to be discovered. In the case of employment, this means making an ongoing effort to connect with coworkers—and always keeping the channels of communication open. You never know what you may learn in simple, everyday conversation and interactions.

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