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Undesirable Personality Traits in Job-Seekers

Undesirable Personality Traits in Job-Seekers

Whatever the state of the job market—and whatever stage of the interviewing process you might be in—it’s
critical to make a good impression. Keep in mind that while employers are always seeking candidates who are
confident, poised and motivated, they are also looking for individuals who can work well as part of a team
(whether it’s a two-person or a 2,000-person team!). In short, personality traits can be a “make-or-break” factor in
landing a job at any level within an organization.

Here are some attributes that can be instant turnoffs in any job candidate.


No one has a “right” to any given job. Candidates are hired at the discretion of employers. In a very real sense,
being given a job is an earned privilege (for that matter, so is being given an interview!). As a job-seeker, you
need to bear in mind that no organization “owes” you anything; your task is to get hired based on your own merit.
Chances are, there are candidates apart from yourself who are equally worthy—or even equally capable—of
filling an opening. Always remember: Job hunting is about capitalizing on opportunities; there is no place for even
the slightest sense of entitlement.


Organizations need employees who are consistently dependable in executing their responsibilities. Those
responsibilities, of course, begin at the earliest stages of the job-hunting process. Things like being on time for an
interview (if not being early!) are imperative. Employers seek maturity in candidates, a large component of which
is performing your duties diligently in ways that never involve excuse-making.


Confidence is a highly desirable trait; arrogance, however, is something else altogether. No one likes a braggart;
ultimately, competence and capability are proven through action and results—not words alone. Remember that
no matter how good (or even exceptional) you are in some respect, there’s always someone “out there” who is
even better. Bottom line: Be confident and positive, but never be boastful or cocky.


Dishonesty is so obviously a negative personality trait that its inclusion here seems almost superfluous. Yet good
habits never suffer from reinforcement. The “Golden Rule” should apply to all aspects of your life. Do not ever
say (let alone DO!) anything that’s even marginally questionable or misleading; your words and behavior define
who you are as a person, an employee and a coworker. Your reputation and image are invaluable; never do
anything to tarnish them.


New ideas are the basis of everything that’s creative and innovative. During your professional life, you’ll be
confronted by challenges each and every day. Solutions are often found using untried, unfamiliar and unexpected
methods. Opening your mind to suggestions, diverse opinions and “out-of-the-box” thinking is essential for
problem-solving and career advancement.

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