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4 must have computer skills for getting hired


4 must have computer skills for getting hired

Most people would likely agree that success in getting a job is very much driven by skills in technology and the ability to competently use a computer. Experts predict that by 2022, computer literacy will be non-negotiable in 90% of jobs.

With the array of tasks that computers can be used to complete, it’s hard to be skilled in every area. And when it comes to getting a job, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts towards computer competency and what skills should be a top priority.

We know exactly what employers are looking for when it comes to computer proficiency:


1. Spreadsheets

Typically through the use of Excel, spreadsheets and their infinite possibilities for uses are a need-to-master skill for any workplace. Many employers will run much of their business through spreadsheets or spreadsheet-driven software and the expectation will be that you can seamlessly integrate into the workplace, knowing how to do this already. Bonus points if you can also manage Cascading Style Sheets.

2. Microsoft Office

While Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, many employers will require a high level of competency in just Microsoft Word alone. In addition to completing a simple document, including spellcheck and inputting images, you will also need to be able to use special functions, such as editing and review, headings and list making, templates, and much more.

3. Navigating the web

Basic skills of being able to use a web browser and email are a given, and employees are looking for increased levels of ability in the internet field. This includes things such as website development and maintenance, SEO basics, refined search and research abilities, and online troubleshooting. In this field, whatever skills you have will work in your favor!

4. Social Media

It is becoming more and more the norm that employers expect their people to be competent with social media skills. Employers want employees who can leverage social media for business success. Showing up to a job interview with these skills will be a huge asset:

  • Google Analytics
  • ad management
  • campaign management software
  • knowledge surrounding digital marketing

Are you armed with computer skills and ready to find a new job? Take stock of your current abilities, educate yourself on areas where you fall short, and get ready to show off your technological aptitude to prospective employers.