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4 surprising reasons you should speak to a recruiter


4 surprising reasons you should speak to a recruiter

Many people assume that the only time it is important to speak to a recruiter is when you show up in their office and ask for help finding a job.

While this is indeed a big part of the work that a recruiter does, there are plenty of other services they can offer you and many other ways you can take advantage of their skills and expertise.

Here are a few other reasons you should consider seeking the services of a recruiter.


Improvement for Next Time

Many people only go to a recruiter to help them find a job. What about going to a recruiter after you get rejected from a job?

If you find yourself continuously getting rejection emails or failing to get any interview calls, the issue often isn’t your experience or qualifications, but how you are presenting yourself to the prospective employer.

Make an appointment with a recruiter and have them look over your resume and job application from the past jobs and see where you can make improvements to boost your chances for next time.

Ask for Advice

While you’re there, ask for their professional opinion or advice. Ask about how to improve your resume, how to more effectively complete an interview and how to craft the best cover letter.

Recruiting agents are adept at finding jobs and then lining candidates up to maximize the success that they can get the job.  This means they know a thing or two about what makes that happen, and typically are more than happy to share.

Find Your Missing Skills

In America, 47% of small businesses cannot find qualified applicants. Making your resume show your skills and what you are qualified to do is crucial.

In addition to advice on how to improve your resume or interviewing skills, have the recruitment agent help you investigate your own areas of insufficiency when it comes to skills and attributes.

Many non-job-specific skills, such as attention to detail, computer literacy, and strong communication are basic essentials in the workplace. The recruitment agent will be able to pick up on must-have industry-specific skills that you should focus on acquiring in order to maximize your chances of success.


Finally, don’t forget that recruitment agents are extremely knowledgeable in the field of job search and hiring, as well as in understanding the skills and needs of people and what that translates to in the workplace. They have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience.

If you have the opportunity to attend a recruiter-led workshop, seminar, mini-course, or information session, make sure to take full advantage and attend so you can absorb every bit of information that can help you find job-seeking success.


Getting a job is never easy, and indeed can be frustrating and time-consuming.  This is especially the case if you continually get rejected, freeze up in interviews, or can’t figure out how to write a good resume. Lucky for you, recruiters are available to help you land the job of your dreams.