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4 Technology Applications You Must Know to Become Competitive in the Job Market

technology at work

4 Technology Applications You Must Know to Become Competitive in the Job Market

Technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace. It can be challenging to stay on top of the current trends and become an expert in the latest applications and programs. But, by understanding and being familiar with many of these tools, you make yourself an asset for many companies and remain highly competitive in the job market.

technology at work

No matter what field you may work in, here are four applications and various technologies you should learn.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is more than just for video games and entertainment! It is also ideal for streamlining and improving the workforce. This technology allows companies to market to a specific audience in a new and unique way. It can help improve the customer service experience. VR can help organizations develop products and services at increased rates. By being familiar with this technology, you are aiding in this growth and helping promote your company (rather than holding it back). Being aware of (and well versed in, in any way) virtual reality can greatly help you to be competitive in the job market. 

2. Computer Programming

Even if you aren’t a software engineer, computer programming offers many benefits and helps you stand out against many job candidates. With so much business being conducted online, having basic knowledge of programming helps you remain competitive in the job market & beneficial to your team.

Keep in mind that because there are so many programming languages available, that knowing basic HTML isn’t enough. You may want to become familiar with programs such as JavaScript, PHP, C++, and Python.

3. Artificial Intelligence

If you have experience with artificial intelligence, this is a skill you DEFINITELY want on your resume! AI can improve productivity and streamline many tasks in the workforce. According to one survey, 87% of respondents said they believe AI will play a role in the survival of their business in the next five years.

AI is much more than just completing tasks. It can help make decisions and leave emotions out of the decision-making process. AI can help in all aspects of a job, from the hiring process to handling monotonous, but necessary, paperwork. It is changing the way people complete their day-to-day tasks. Being ‘in on’ this knowledge will not only keep you competitive in the job market, but could turn you into a REAL stand-out!

4. Microsoft Office

When writing your resume, you may wonder if listing basic word and spreadsheet applications is necessary, and in some cases, it is. Many individuals know just the basic features and are not familiar with the tools that will make a task easier and to be considered proficient at the application.

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Office, for example, there are many online and local classes you can take to expand and perfect your skills. If knowing these applications is listed in the job requirements, it is particularly important that you are familiar with these programs.


Becoming a tech-savvy individual can be beneficial as you look for a new job. It can help you stand out from the competition and offer certain skills and talents that many other candidates may not possess.