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4 Ways to Land a Job After Long-Term Unemployment

4 Ways to Land a Job After Long-Term Unemployment

It can take the average person six to twelve months to land a job. Unfortunately, the longer you are without a job, the harder it is to find one. Employers may be hesitant to hire you and have many questions about the gap of employment on your resume. However, no matter if you have been unemployed for a few weeks or many months, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of landing a job. Here are four of them. 

4 Ways to Land a Job After Long-Term Unemployment

1. Network

Networking is truly one of your greatest resources for landing a job. Research shows that approximately 80% of job openings are never listed. Rather, companies find their candidates by word of mouth. When unemployed, spend a significant amount of your time building your network. Use online networking sites such as LinkedIn. Attend events where you can have face-to-face interactions. Reach out to individuals to ask questions or for advice. These are small things that can help you find a job.  

2. Don’t Be Embarrassed by It

Many individuals want to hide the fact that they are unemployed. They are embarrassed by it and don’t want others to know. However, there are many individuals in the same position and often, it happens because of circumstances out of your control such as your company going under, being laid off, etc. If questions arise about a gap in your resume, talk about it and be confident. Don’t try to hide it. 

3. Find Something to Fill in the Gap

If you are worried that a gap in your resume is going to hurt your chance of landing a job, find something to fill the gap. One option is to start a side hustle. This will help you bring in some income and it can be something to list on your resume. For example, if you work in technology, help fix other’s computers or design websites. You may even choose to take some classes during this time, which will help to improve your skillset and shows employers that you are willing to work hard and are motivated. 

4. Explore New Job Opportunities

When you are battling long-term unemployment, this may be an excellent time to re-evaluate your current situation. Are there other job opportunities out there that you may enjoy? Do you have a particular skill or background that could help you land a job in a different industry? Long-term unemployment may be the ideal time to explore new options and choose a different path in life. You may find that you are more successful and happier in a new industry. 

Long-term unemployment is never easy. It can be discouraging, frustrating, and stressful. However, not all is lost. There are many things you can do to improve your chances of landing a job. Use the above four items as a great starting place.