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5 Reasons You Should Use Niche Job Boards

niche job boards

5 Reasons You Should Use Niche Job Boards

niche job boards

Did you know there are more than 10,000 job posting websites in the United States alone? This makes it difficult to narrow down your search and find postings that target your expertise and experience. While there are many popular job posting websites such as Indeed and Monster, they are general and don’t focus on many specialized positions or industries. Niche job boards are the solution. Here are just five reasons you should use niche job boards in your search for the perfect job.

1. They are less competitive

Niche job boards generally boast less traffic than general boards because only those with a specific interest/experience use them. This means you aren’t battling with dozens of applicants for a job that many individuals are not even qualified for in the first place. By using a job board, you have less competition and you can find positions that best match your personal qualifications.  

2. The postings are much more specific

When posting in a niche job board, managers are writing to a specific audience. They are not writing based on a template, but their content targets a certain audience. They can use jargon and terminology that only experienced candidates would understand. Also, they can better articulate the responsibilities and qualifications the ideal candidate should possess.

3. It’s beneficial for looking for internships, remote opportunities, or freelance work

Niche job boards are specialized and allow you to focus on very specific industries and positions. On generic job boards, it can be difficult to narrow down positions such as internships or freelance work in a specific field or for a certain subject matter. Niche job boards are ideal to find these more focused positions and can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to gain experience in a field or industry.  

4. You save time

One of the greatest benefits of using a niche job board is you save a substantial amount of time during the job search. You don’t have to browse through dozens of listings that do not interest you. Rather, you can go to one place and have a variety of jobs in the field, region, or even specialty that you desire to work in.

5. It is a way to network

Whether you receive a job offer or even an interview, this is an excellent way to network and learn about various companies and individuals in your industry. Interviews provide opportunities to talk to decision-makers and influencers in your industry. Even simply sending your resume gets your name out and may provide for future opportunities and career growth. Browsing a niche job board gives you an idea of what companies and businesses are looking for in specific fields and certain roles!

Niche job boards are designed for managers to find more qualified, relevant, and experienced candidates. It helps weed out those who are not qualified and able to take a company or team to the next level. By using a niche job board to expand your career, you will better find a job that matches your interests, passions, and experience.