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5 Things You Should Clean In Your Office Every Day

5 Things You Should Clean In Your Office Every Day

Winter is quickly approaching and that means flu and cold season is upon us. While most of us spend time each day sanitizing and tidying our homes, we often overlook our work areas. Our offices are breeding grounds for millions of bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these areas are not cleaned every day and some aren’t cleaned at all. Here are five of the dirtiest places in an office that you should sanitize daily. 

5 Things You Should Clean In Your Office Every Day

1. Keyboard

When was the last time you sanitized your keyboard? Research from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia found that keyboards are some of the dirtiest places in an office. In fact, the average keyboard has more than 400 times the bacteria than the average toilet seat. Plus, the bacteria can survive on the keyboard for up to 24 hours. 

2. Copier Button 

There are areas throughout your office that are covered in germs and you may not even realize it. The copier’s start button is one of these areas. Dozens of individuals can touch this button on any given day, covering it with germs. One study by Hloom found that the start button on the average office copier had 1.2 billion colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch. Compare that to a toilet seat which averages 3,200 colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch.  

3. Pens

Pens are another hotspot for bacteria. These items can be transferred from one individuals’ hands to another, which is an easy way to pass on germs such as staph or the common cold. If you want to reduce your chance of getting sick this winter, it may be in your best interest to carry a personal pen around with you and avoid lending it to others.  

4. Desk Surface

Before you leave work each day, make it a habit to wipe off your desk area with a sanitizing wipe. Your desk is one of the dirtiest places in your office. You touch it throughout the day, you place germy items on it, etc. Wiping it down every day will also help you keep your workspace tidy and looking great. 

5. Your Phone

While your office phone is covered in germs, your smartphone is even worse. The average American will check their phone up to 47 times a day. This gives you ample opportunity to transfer germs from your hands to your phone. You also set your phone down on germ-covered surfaces such as your desk. Scientists at the University of Arizona found that smartphones are some of the dirtiest items and the average carries more than 10 times the bacteria of a toilet seat.  

Make it a goal this upcoming winter to not only keep your workspace tidy, but germ-free as well. Strive at least once or twice a day to wipe down all major surfaces and the dirtiest places in your office including your keyboard, desk surface, smartphone, office phone, etc. By keeping your office sanitized and clean, you will enjoy a healthier and happier cold and flu season.