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5 Tips for an Awesome Virtual Presentation

5 Tips for an Awesome Virtual Presentation

In the past several months, virtual presentations have become the new normal. Unfortunately, many individuals are not familiar or comfortable with this technology, and giving a virtual presentation can send you into a bit of a frenzy. However, with the right presentation skills and a little know-how, you can maintain a captive audience, relay important information, and feel confident during these business meetings. 

Here are five tips to help you give an incredible virtual presentation. 

1. Watch the Time

You do not want to spend all morning presenting on the computer. Research shows that during lectures or presentations with only one individual speaking, your audience will begin to lose interest after 10 to 15 minutes. This means you need to get to the meat of your presentation quickly and do not waste any time. If you must prepare for a longer presentation, try to incorporate other members as well. 

2. Prepare your Environment

Your audience must hear and see you. Before your presentation begins, spend time setting up. You will want to ensure the room is well lit and there are no unwanted glares or shadows. Check your audio levels and make sure your audience can hear you. Practice talking with the mic to ensure the placement on your body is correct, that you do not breathe too heavily into it, and more. 

Additionally, you may also want to choose a professional background. This will prevent items in your office or your home from distracting your audience. 

3. Speak Slowly

It is normal to be nervous when giving a presentation. Often, this nervousness manifests itself by speaking quickly and rushing through the presentation. Unfortunately, this becomes extremely challenging to understand through a computer. By focusing on the speed of your words and enunciating clearly, your audience will more easily understand what you are trying to say. 

4. Know the Tech

Spend some time before the presentation mastering the technology. Learn the various features of the application you are using. This is particularly important if you are planning to share content on your screen, conduct polls, ask for responses via chat, etc. Plus, if you know the technology well, you will feel more confident before your presentation begins. 

5. Have Fun

When giving a presentation in an empty room and in front of a computer, it can be challenging to raise your energy levels. However, if you don’t, your presentation will be boring, you are more likely to talk in a monotonous tone, and your presentation will not be the success you want it to be. 

To prevent this from happening, sit back, and have fun. Be animated, use your hands, and watch your facial expressions. Use your voice to your advantage by pausing, emphasizing certain words and phrases, and more. If you are worried about how you will come across on the camera, don’t be afraid to practice your presentation. Record yourself so you can analyze some of your behaviors behind the camera and fix them if necessary. 

Virtual presentations are becoming common for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. By mastering the presentations you give, it will be valuable to your employees, you will feel more confident, and your presentations will be a success.