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The basic technology skills employers will assume you’ve mastered.


The basic technology skills employers will assume you’ve mastered.

Experts predict that by 2024, there will be an increase of more than 12% in technology-focused job positions.

The increase in jobs is great news for the high number of individuals who are looking for a job.

It is of no use however if you haven’t mastered some essential technological skills to allow you to tackle the job successfully.

Here is what employers will expect you have mastered.


Microsoft Office competency

The Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are basic computer programs which allow users to perform an increasingly impressive selection of tasks.

Users however, need to have a basic understanding of program function. For example, can users create charts and tables in Excel which can then be set up to automatically find sums or totals of values?

Also, PowerPoint is the essential program for employees to use in creating company presentations. Employers will expect that employees can create a presentation in PowerPoint, complete with a wide selection of audio and visual components and present the content.

Photo and video

The importance of visual content across brands, media campaigns, advertising, and in company content means competency in this field is the only way forward.

Incoming employees don’t need to be photographers or video editing gurus, but knowing the basics is essential.

Employers will expect that incoming team members are able to take quality photos and record video.

Employees should be able to successfully upload media from a phone or the recording device to a computer and then upload it onto appropriate platforms such as social media channels or the company website.

For example, if an employee attends an event on behalf of the company, the employer may expect him or her to take photos of the event. Upon returning to the office, the employee needs be able to upload and edit the photos before creating a reflective piece for the company blog which incorporates them.

Social Media

Competency in social media for future employees involves two factors: the knowledge and ability to use the platforms and post content, as well as being up to date on platform algorithms, trends, and methods of best practice for engagement.

It is no longer good enough on your resume to say that you have “social media experience.” Employers are looking for employees who have a higher level of mastery, being able to gather and interpret analytics, and create strategic campaigns based on the results.


Companies hiring individuals in the science, technology, engineering, and math industries make up more than 10% of the jobs being filled in the US, and the number is only set to increase. Take some time to brush up on these areas of skills before your next interview. It’s worthwhile to look at other positions to see if you recognize similarities in their requirements for other technological skills and get familiar with as many as you can.