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Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

The interview stage of a hiring process is a significant determinant to finding your ideal next employee. During this meeting, you will learn more about your job candidates and envision how they may fit in your workplace.  

During the job interview, you have a window of opportunity to ask questions that will help you determine whether the candidate will serve as an asset to your team. To gain this insight, you need to ask the right questions to put the pieces of the puzzle together and make your hiring decision. 

Find the best new hire by trying these interview questions: 

How would you describe your work style?

This question will give your potential employee the chance to share characteristics to describe their work ethic. When you post a job opportunity, you may have your ideal candidate in mind, including their general work style. With your required traits in mind, you can determine if your candidate will suit your job role according to their associated response. 

In what work environment are you most productive?  

Your interviewee’s answer to this question will help judge if they work efficiently in your setting. If they state they need absolute silence when working, you may note a red flag since your environment is fast-paced. However, you may find the perfect job match if the candidate shares that they thrive in workplaces just like yours.

What three skills are you proudest to have? 

This is a substantial, straightforward question that can give you a thorough idea of who your candidate is as a person and worker. You will likely receive differing variations that highlight their strengths, which may be ideal for your job opening. This question gives your interviewees the chance to stand out and impress you with their positive skills.  

What skill do you want to develop, and how do you plan to strengthen it? 

Go beyond “what is your weakness?” and try this advanced question. Your candidate will be required to be specific and then elaborate on their plan to grow. They will need to put thought into their answer, and if you are satisfied with their plan to address their lacking skill, you can determine their attitude toward growing as an employee in general. 

How would your past employers describe your contributions to their workplace? 

By asking this question, you can learn how your interviewee worked in their past job roles. They will need to share their impact on their workplaces. From their answer, you will also gain insight into their relationships with past employers, which will help you determine if there is potential for you to have a positive professional relationship with them when working for you. 

Choosing your next new hire can be a challenging decision. It’s essential to be thorough in your interview process so you can be sure your new hire will be a productive, reliable new addition to your work environment. Filtering your potential new hires with these insightful questions could improve your staff turnover and leave you with the best selection of employees to benefit your business.