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How to Figure Out What You Want Out of Your Career

How to Figure Out What You Want Out of Your Career

It is common for many individuals to feel stuck in their career and have no clear plan for the future. Even if you have been in the same job for several years, it can be challenging to know what you want to get out of your career and how to be fully engaged in your position. Luckily, you can set career goals that will help you achieve the level of success you desire and be happy at work. 


Here are a few tips to help you figure out what you want out of your career. 

 How to Figure Out What You Want Out of Your Career

Determine What is Working and What is Not


Don’t give up on your career or start all over just because there are a few things that are making you unhappy. Sit down and determine what is making you happy and what is not. What do you want to get rid of in regards to your career and what do you love? Before making any drastic changes, try to problem-solve. Is there a way to get rid of those challenges? 


You may want to talk to your boss or another leader about making some changes before you do anything drastic. 


Learn Something New


It is important that you are continually learning. This will not only help you become more marketable and a greater asset in your current job position, but it will also help you discover new passions and hobbies. This doesn’t have to be technology or job-related skills either. For example, it could be something as exciting as learning a foreign language. 


Set Short and Long Term Goals


When it comes to your career, it can feel overwhelming to determine what you want to do with your life. Goal setting can help you focus on smaller aspects of your career and these career goals can help you become more engaged and happier with your employment. As you determine your career goals, set both short and long term goals


A few short-term goals include: 


  • Expand your network
  • Learn a certain skill 
  • Complete a certification course


A few long-term goals include:  


  • Achieve a certain job title
  • Receive a certain salary
  • Release a certain product or service


Work With a Job Coach


Sometimes you can’t figure everything out on your own. Rather, you need the insight of an outside source to help you determine what you enjoy, what is not working in your career, and what type of jobs are best for you. 


This is what a job coach can do for you. This individual can help you during the job search. They will help you find jobs that appeal to your interests, boast qualities you like, is something you are good at, etc. In some situations, a job coach can also assist with your goal setting. 


Determining what you want to do every day can be stressful and overwhelming. However, by figuring out what is and is not working in your current career, learning something new, improving your goal setting, and working with a professional, you will be on the right path to your dream job.