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How to Be Productive When Working From Home With Kids

How to Be Productive When Working From Home With Kids

Getting all of your work done throughout the day is no simple task but it becomes even more of a challenge when you have to take care of children on top of it. Children demand constant attention and the pile of assignments to complete, Zoom meetings, deadlines, etc., can make life stressful. 

Luckily, with a few expert tips, you can remain productive while working from home with kids. You can still accomplish your work and give your children the care that they need.

Establish a Routine

A routine will help to lower your stress levels and allow you to get more done. Plus, many children thrive off of routine and it will help them know what to expect throughout the day. 

As you establish a routine, create a schedule for yourself and your children. Establish office hours, take breaks at the same time each day, etc. Be aware that when working from home, you may have to take longer, more frequent breaks to better meet the needs of your family.

Also, establish a schedule for your children with activities such as coloring, reading books, building with blocks, playing outside, etc. The more activities you can provide your children, the busier and happier they will be while you are focusing on work-related tasks.

Take Advantage of Sleeping Moments

When children are sleeping is one of the best times to focus on large projects and complete tasks uninterrupted. This means that you may need to work non-traditional hours. For example, get up early while the children are still in bed to complete the most important tasks of the day or to check and respond to your emails. 

You should also take advantage of nap time and use this time each day to accomplish some of your more difficult tasks. If your children are too old for nap time, consider having “quiet time” where they must read, watch a movie, play quietly on their bed, etc. 

Have a Dedicated Office

When you have a dedicated workspace, your children will know that you are working. Encourage them to only interrupt you if necessary and try to complete all of your work in this area. Also, this is a great way to keep your children away from your technology, important documents, office supplies, etc. 

Ask for Help

There will often be times when you can’t get much done when working from home with children. That’s okay. In these situations, it is important that you reach out for help. Hire a babysitter to tend your children for three to four hours each day. This will allow you to get more work done without all of the interruptions. 

You may also consider scheduling playdates for your children. This will keep your kids distracted and having fun so you can focus on your work. Even a playdate two to three times a week can make a difference in how much work you can accomplish. 

Working from home with children can be a challenge. Be flexible and do not feel guilty when you don’t get as much done as you’d like. You are tackling two major tasks: employment and parenting. Implement the above tips and give yourself some slack. You deserve it!