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How to Create a Positive Work Environment

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Your work environment affects every aspect of your business. When your culture is negative, it can affect your employees’ productivity, engagement levels, and mental health. You may also struggle to reach your own company goals, improve performance throughout all departments, and grow your business. 

If your company’s culture is struggling, there are several changes you can make that will create a more positive work environment. Here are four of them.

Prioritize Work Spaces

Employees should have a workspace that they feel is their own. It should be someplace where they feel comfortable, can focus, and that boosts their creativity levels. This can look different for every company and building. Focus on open layouts (ditch those cubicles!) and create unique break rooms. 

Allow for Flexibility

Your employees should not feel tied down. This will harbor negative feelings and increase stress levels. Be flexible with your employees’ schedules, workspaces, daily breaks, etc. While you must still maintain some structure, find ways that you can give your employees a chance to relax and get their work done when their productivity levels are highest.

Start at the Very Beginning

If you want to create a positive work environment, begin immediately after an individual is hired. Studies show that up to 87% of new hires aren’t fully committed to a new job for the first six months. Create a strong onboarding process that helps employees fully immerse themselves into the company and their new role. 

Don’t let onboarding be solely filling out documents and meeting employees. Make this process last until employees feel comfortable with their new responsibilities, this will give them a chance to truly connect with the company. 

Have Fun

While your employees must be productive each day, it is also important that they have fun and are given opportunities to laugh. Provide activities and events that give all employees a chance to connect with other team members, to be themselves, and to have fun. These positive experiences are going to build up your employees on those difficult days. Plus, you don’t have to do anything time-consuming and expensive to allow for these fun and light-hearted moments. A few ideas include: 

  • Have lunch together often.
  • Get out of the office. Go to a local park and play lawn games or for an hour of socialization. 
  • Hold a short meeting and distribute company swag.
  • Host in team-building activities monthly.
  • Designate “No Meeting” Days. Make sure no departments hold meetings of any types on the days. 
  • Recognize standout employees once a week or month to encourage more peer-to-peer praise. 

A positive work environment will build team morale, improve your company’s reputation and boost your productivity levels. It is an aspect of your business that requires your attention and focus.