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How to Stand Out From Your Competition When Applying to Jobs Online

How to Stand Out From Your Competition When Applying to Jobs Online

When applying to jobs online, you have the challenge of making yourself shine among your competitors. How can your individuality transpire through a screen so employers will be more willing to hire you? 

According to studies, 98% of job seekers are screened out and don’t make the interview stage. You need to stand out among the sea of potential candidates to make the top 2%. Employers don’t have enough time to be open-minded and consider all applicants. You need to prove that you are worth their time and consideration. 

Much like online marketing, your submission must be engaging, unique, and share your message clearly and concisely. That way, employers who may be sorting through tens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of applications will remember your information and want to take a chance on proceeding with your candidacy. 

Consider these tips for making your job application stand out among your competition:

Ensure Your Resume Reflects All Qualifications

Through online job portals, you will find many particular job postings that list their candidates’ expected qualifications. This will include years of working in past relevant job roles, education, volunteer experience, and more. If your resume does not have some of these listed qualifications, employees may not give extra thought to your application. 

Cater Your Information to Appeal to Recruiters

Many workplaces count on automated recruitment systems to help them sort through applications and find the best candidates according to the words used in their submitted content. It’s vital to invest extra effort into customizing your resume and cover letter. Including potential keywords and phrasing will hold recruiters’ attention and make them consider your application. 

Some ways to shape your resume and cover letter according to the job posting include:

  • Acknowledging listed requirements and specifying how you meet them based on your personality and experience
  • Including stories of how you’ve demonstrated qualities and talents that recruiters for the specific to will want in their staff 
  • Using simple language, but incorporating descriptors that articulate your positive attitude toward the organization and your candidacy

Be Passionate and Creative

It’s important that your application demonstrates genuine interest. Many recruiters will be reading through applications with a critical eye. Be authentic in your writing and share some enthusiasm in your cover letter. You can do this by avoiding any negative phrasing and working in impactful emotional sentiments. 

Consider adding some design elements to your application to make it stand out visually and prove to employers that you are willing to invest extra thought and effort into your projects. 

The online job application process can be draining. With so many people submitting their resumes and cover letters through digital job posting platforms,  standing out from the pack can be a challenge. Remember that rejection is normal, and not personal. Remain positive and continue putting in the work to show off your professional accomplishments to eventually get the job you want.