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How to Work Remotely (When You Never Have Before)

How to Work Remotely (When You Never Have Before)

According to a recent article on LinkedIn, since January of 2020, the number of searches for “remote working” on the social media platform has tripled. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, employees from around the world are moving from their office building to the comforts of their homes to work each day. While many are enjoying working from their couch, others are struggling to work remotely, especially those individuals who have never experienced this isolated work environment before. 

For those who may be struggling in their new workspace, here are a few tips to help. 

Stick to Your Schedule

When you don’t have a commute to worry about, you may find that you have extra time in the morning. This doesn’t mean you should sleep in until moments before you must clock in. Rather, stick to your regular schedule. Wake up at the same time each day. Make your morning workout a priority even if it isn’t at your local gym. If you need to make some adjustments to your daily schedule, that’s okay. Just strive to establish a routine and stick to it as much as possible. 

Create Your Own Office Space

It can be a challenge to be productive when you have many distractions in your home. For example, you may be tempted to turn on the TV, take a short nap while laying in bed, work on a home improvement project, etc. To help you stay focused, create your own workspace. This could be something as simple as setting up a table in the corner of your living room. You may turn a guest bedroom into a temporary office. 

Essentially, find an area in your home that is secluded and away from many distractions. This will also help you feel like you are more at work than at home. 

Leave Work Alone During Non-Business Hours

Many individuals who work remotely struggle to find a balance between their work and their personal life. During quiet minutes at home, you may find it is easy to check emails, get one more task done, etc. This is not ideal and will only burn you out at a much faster pace. Make it a goal that during business hours, you focus exclusively on your work. When you are done for the day, set everything aside and don’t worry about it until the following morning. Additionally, make it a goal to work your regular hours and avoid working longer or later hours. 


If you want to find success when working remotely, it is crucial that you communicate. You must be in constant communication with your co-workers, manager, etc. This means that when emails arrive, don’t wait to respond to them, do it right away. Respond with plenty of details and avoid short, one-word answers. Additionally, make sure you are prompt to all phone calls and online meetings. 

Become Familiar With Technology

When working remotely, you will likely use various tools and technology to communicate and complete work. For example, you may use video conferencing software, time scheduling features, VPN capabilities, etc. No matter the type of tools you are going to use become familiar with them. Become comfortable using them and accessing them. This will help to remove much anxiety and stress you may feel about working from home and it will help you stay more productive each day. 

Working from a remote location certainly offers numerous benefits. However, if you want to find success in this new environment, you must have self-discipline and be willing to adapt to your new workspace.