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Public Speaking Fear? How to Deliver a Presentation Like a Pro

Public Speaking Fear? How to Deliver a Presentation Like a Pro

Does the idea of giving a speech or talking in front of a crowd at work induce a deep fear? You aren’t alone!

When a public speaking opportunity is looming, here’s what you can do to ensure you deliver your presentation like a pro:

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Prepare, prepare, prepare

They say that practice makes perfect and while perfection might not be realistic, you can still prepare to make sure your presentation is rock-solid.

This means reviewing your materials, getting familiar with where you’ll be delivering your presentation, and having your materials ready well in advance.

Ironing out these details takes a lot of stress out of the day of your presentation and will make you feel more confident.

Anticipate questions

Don’t get caught off guard by a spontaneous question. When your audience asks questions it means they are engaged and interested, so take it as a compliment.

When you’re reviewing your materials, think of what questions might pop up and prepare for how you might answer them.

If you get stuck with a question you don’t know the answer to, it’s ok to say, “That’s a great question. I’ll do some thinking on that and circle back with you afterwards.”

Practice in front of other people and ask for feedback

Reading your speech at home in front of your cat isn’t the most productive way to practice.

Instead, ask a trusted colleague for help by listening to your presentation and giving you some constructive criticism.

Maybe you have a nervous habit that you can improve on, or maybe you need to speak a little louder.

Maybe you rock, and your mini audience can give you the applause you need to spark your confidence.

Be passionate about your topic

Your delivery doesn’t need to be perfect to drive your points home.

While you want to be as polished as possible, it’s also important to be excited about what you’re saying.

No one will notice a few mistakes or missteps when you’re drumming up enthusiasm with your energetic attitude.

Your goal isn’t to just have your audience sit there – it’s to get them to buy into your ideas, inspire them to take action, and capture their interest.

Remember that you’re not alone in your fear of public speaking and your audience will likely be supportive and encouraging.

Take some deep breaths, remind yourself that you have your material aced, and get up there with confidence.