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There will come a time in your career where it will be necessary to negotiate your salary. Whether it is after receiving a job offer or because your current compensation doesn’t accurately reflect your work, this conversation may need to happen. However, before you run...

Negotiating a job offer can feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, it may be necessary to ensure you receive the pay and benefits that you deserve. When you don’t receive adequate pay or many perks, it can cause low engagement levels and result in a lull...

So you’ve decided, as the old song says, “you can take this job and shove it”? Too many hours? Not enough dollars? Awful commute? Bored out of your mind? There are lots of good reasons for why you want to leave your job. But you should know them and understand them. If you don’t. . .maybe wait until you do. want to leave your job

If you want to leave your job, make sure you know why.

Whether you are in final discussions with an employer about a new job, or decades into your current position, it’s important to make sure that you are getting paid what you’re worth. These conversations about negotiating salary are rarely easy, but at least you can make sure they are effective and professional.

negotiating salary

Here are 5 tips for negotiating salary: