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5 Tips for Negotiating a Job Offer

5 Tips for Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating a job offer can feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, it may be necessary to ensure you receive the pay and benefits that you deserve. When you don’t receive adequate pay or many perks, it can cause low engagement levels and result in a lull in your career. 

Remember that every job offer and personal situation is unique, making it important that you carefully think through all of your actions. To help you along the way, here are five tips for negotiating a job offer.

1. Do Your Research

One of the most important things you can do before accepting a job offer is to do your homework. You want to learn all you can about the particular position and the benefits you will be receiving. You should also look into what the company’s competitors are paying individuals in a similar position. This data can become a powerful negotiating tool. 

2. Don’t Focus Entirely on Salary

While a high income may be important, it should not be your only focus during the negotiation. Keep in mind other benefits such as insurance benefits or extra vacation days. You may also want days where you can work remotely or a stipend for transportation or gym memberships. By receiving some of these additional perks, it can improve your work/life balance and help you save money. You may find it is worth more than a bump in your annual salary. 

3. Negotiate at the Right Time

Timing plays a critical role in the negotiation process. For example, you don’t want to start negotiating during the interview. This is the time for you to highlight your strengths and make the company truly want you. The best time is once you have officially been offered the job. Remember that when a job is offered, you don’t have to accept right away. You should be given some time to think about the current offer and all of its included perks. 

4. Don’t Get Too Emotionally Invested

Don’t let your emotions cause you to make rash and overly-dramatic decisions. The negotiation process is not something that needs to keep you up at night. If you are worried, sit down and determine what is important to you. Work to get one or two things and then let the others go. Remember that negotiations include a compromise on both sides. 

5. Be Nice!

Don’t let the negotiations bring out the worst side of you. People respond and work better with others who are friendly and kind. During the negotiations, strive to be this way. Smile, laugh and enjoy this process. If you become too agitated or upset, take some time to cool off. Don’t forget that if an agreement can’t be reached, you can walk away. 

Negotiating a job offer can be overwhelming and stressful. However, by being smart about this process, you can have a job you love with a salary and/or benefits that you won’t want to leave.