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4 technological skills every modern job seeker must have to be competitive


4 technological skills every modern job seeker must have to be competitive

In a world where technology is advancing, it’s easy to see where the future of jobs and businesses will be. Being competitive in any job market will require you to have the skills to achieve company technological goals. Keep reading for the skills you can expect to need in your tech skill set as a current job seeker!


Social media

Modern businesses rely greatly on social media to generate customers, income, and exposure. It only makes sense that employers want to hire someone who is able to meet these requirements.

Take a class, spend some time reading blogs, or check out a Social Media 101 webinar! With the integral role social platforms play in marketing, it’s time to step up your social media game.

Computer software

social media skills

While the ability to use programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and email software is expected, skills in other areas are now becoming the new norm.

Employees that can provide these skills are an asset to employers. Consider adding these valuable skills to your arsenal:

Quality assurance and troubleshooting

Even with an increase in automation, don’t be overly concerned about your place in the workplace. While some manual labor jobs will be replaced with robots in the future, this will only go so far. The “man” will never be completely removed from “manual” labor!

There will always be a need for real humans to perform tests. Quality assurance, performance, and successful product output management all require human management! Somebody is going to need to have the skills to methodically test products and determine if they are doing their job correctly. That somebody might as well be you!

Current and mobile

Do you stay current with the latest technology? Are you up to tech skillsdate with changes in technology pertinent to your line of work?

With social media algorithms changing daily & new tech right around every corner, you can’t fall behind.

You also need to be mindful of mobile. Nearly everything needs the ability to work well on mobile devices. And for good reason – users spend an average of 69% of their media time on smartphones!

Being able to create apps and develop mobile technology will go a long way towards you successfully landing a new job.


If you check all the boxes and feel technologically competent, go hit the job market!  If not, pick one area to focus on improving to help you leverage your skills to land the best job for you!