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The Right Way to Accept a Job Offer

The Right Way to Accept a Job Offer

When you’ve gone through the grueling application process and have finally received word that you are offered the job, you likely want to scream “Yes! I accept!” However, there are several things you should consider and a few ways to handle this situation with professionalism. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of accepting a job offer.

Show Appreciation

If you receive an email or physical letter from the company, make sure to send an immediate reply. Tell the manager, HR representative, or another individual “thank you.” This will let the individual know that you are grateful for the opportunity and that you appreciate his or her time. It will also strengthen their impression of you, which will help if you wish to negotiate your benefits and starting salary.  

Ask When The Company Needs a Final Response 

While you may be tempted to immediately accept a job offer, it is wise to take some time to fully evaluate the offer. You want to make sure you are receiving adequate benefits, that your starting salary is within reason, etc. Most companies will give you one to two business days to accept the offer. If a company desires an immediate response, ask for at least 24 hours to look over the offer before providing a response.  

Ask for an Offer Letter 

When accepting a job offer, always ask for an offer letter. This is a written document that provides information about the job such as your start date, salary, included benefits, etc. When you receive this letter, carefully look it over. Make sure you are in agreement with all of the benefits and your opening salary. The letter also makes the offer official.  


Often, you may not need to negotiate your job offer. You may already know the benefits and salary you will be given during the interview process. However, in some situations, negotiating may be needed. 

If you choose to negotiate with the company, be professional. Request a time to sit down and discuss the changes you’d like to make to your offer. You may also choose to send a letter with the details of the changes as well.  

However, if you choose to negotiate, be realistic. For example, if you feel the company’s starting salary is low, only ask for a 2% to 5% increase, not thousands of dollars. Small negotiations are more likely to be accepted than major changes. 

If the employer agrees to your negotiation, accept the job offer right away. They deserve to be given an immediate answer. If the changes are turned down, you may need to request additional time to look over the offer and to determine if this is truly the best position for you.  

It is exciting to be offered a new job position. By acting professional and accepting a job offer properly, you will make a strong first impression with the company that can boost your career.