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Turning a temp position into a permanent one (Part II)

Turning a temp position into a permanent one (Part II)

As mentioned in our September 16 blog, temporary workers often enjoy their jobs so much that they
want to become full-time employees. Making this happen, of course, is never guaranteed; numerous factors can
influence a person’s ability to get hired on a permanent basis—many of which are outside the person’s control
(e.g., state of the economy, a company experiencing a hiring freeze, etc.).

Let’s assume, however, that conditions are favorable and that an individual senses a legitimate opportunity to
turn a temp position into a permanent one. In such a situation, it is up to the individual to perform well and prove
that they are the ideal candidate to hire.

At Masis Staffing Solutions, we take particular pride when a temp worker we have helped place becomes a
permanent employee. It doesn’t simply mean that the individual has done well; it also means that we as a
placement firm have made a successful match. In doing so, we have helped the company and—perhaps most
importantly—helped an individual advance their career, further their opportunities, and attain greater satisfaction
in their lives. It truly is an occasion that we find tremendously rewarding and fulfilling.

In this blog, we continue our discussion regarding some effective approaches to take.

Keep your eyes and ears open

As a rule of thumb, temp-to-permanent opportunities are sometimes not readily apparent. An opportunity might
exist, but it requires some digging (and/or attentiveness) on the part of the individual to uncover it. Serendipity
often plays a role: Happenstance or (seemingly) random developments can reveal opportunities that mere
moments earlier were not even on your radar. Point being: Be attentive to those around you—not only to their
spoken words but to their expressions and gestures as well. As mentioned earlier in this blog, the ability to
“sense” an opportunity can reap its share of rewards.

Show enthusiasm

Companies want employees with a sincere, dedicated interest in their job. The reason is simple: People are more
productive if they enjoy what they are doing. While working in a temp position, never let your frustrations show.
(BTW: Occasional frustrations and disappointments are part of any job, simply because they are inherently part
of living. The more easily you can accept this, the more even-keeled your life—both on the job and off—will be.
To quote the age-old saying: “Go with the flow.”) Always maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude—and express
this attitude at all times in your interactions with others and in your execution of responsibilities.

Add extra value

In Part I of this blog, we discussed the need to go the extra mile. Adding extra value is a related goal, but “value”
can be demonstrated in limitless ways. Can you contribute constructively to the company by making suggestions
on how you and your coworkers can be more productive and effective? Or by identifying a problem while it’s still relatively contained? Or by drawing the attention of your manager to some error or fault in a process? That being said, a word of caution is in order here: Use your good judgment when making suggestions. Some things are set
in stone and need to be accepted as “givens.” Making suggestions can certainly be a gray area; remember that
you are trying to add value—not merely “vent.” Bottom line: Reasonable suggestions should be accepted
reasonably by reasonable managers.

Put your outsider’s perspective to good use

In essentially all lines of work, people tend to become accustomed to the day-to-day routines and agendas. As a
result, they frequently overlook the minutiae that are part of every commonplace process and task. In essence,
they “get too close” to something to be cognizant of mistakes and inefficiencies. In this respect, a temp worker
represents an “outsider”—someone who brings a fresh perspective and outlook to the company. Sometimes
having such a perspective can prove invaluable in helping a temp worker make a strong impression on others
and get noticed. Never underestimate your ability to see or perceive certain things that others do not (or cannot).

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