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Video Conferencing Etiquette 101

Video Conferencing Etiquette 101

Video conference technology makes it easy for teams to work remotely, to limit travel, and to save time. However, for these virtual meetings to be productive, video conferencing etiquette must be followed by all participants. 

Here are a few rules you should always follow for a successful virtual meeting.

Be on Time

Just like a typical, in-person meeting, it is important that you are punctual. Strive to sign in to your meeting three to five minutes before the scheduled time. If you do not feel confident with the technology you are using, log in even earlier to work out any tech issues before the meeting begins.

Mute Your Microphone

When you are not talking, mute your microphone. These audio devices can pick up every little sound, distracting yourself and others in your call. If everyone’s mics are live, it can create a loud, chaotic mess and it can be extremely difficult to hear the individual who is speaking.

Put Away Distractions

If you have a live camera, make sure you give 100% of your attention to the meeting. It is easy to become distracted, play on your phone, or even do work in the background. However, other participants can see what you are doing and your actions will be visible. Sit tall and maintain eye contact with the camera and let everyone know you are engaged and listening.

Avoid Shouting

If your audio is set up correctly, there is no need for you to shout. The participants in the call should be able to hear you. Before your meeting begins, take some time to set up your audio and make sure it is working well. As you speak, talk clearly and slowly so everyone has a chance to hear and understand what you are saying.

Watch Your Facial Expressions

Just because you are in an empty room, it doesn’t mean that your body language won’t tell other participants exactly what you are thinking. For example, if your head is down, others will know you are bored. If you continually roll your eyes or make disgusted facial expressions, other participants will know that you do not agree. These movements can not only give off a poor impression but they can also distract others in the video conference meeting.

Be Mindful of Your Wardrobe

What are you wearing during your call? If you are working from home, you may not dress as you would at the office. However, you still need to dress appropriately and professionally for each video conference meeting. Take the time to brush your hair and look presentable on camera. 

For women who wear jewelry, be mindful of the jewelry you choose to wear. Little clinking noises can easily be picked up on the microphone and if you wear necklaces that dangle, they can continually bump your mic as well. 

By keeping the above items in mind, your virtual meeting is more likely to be a success. You and all of your participants will have an easier time receiving the information that is being presented and you will give off a strong impression to those you want to impress.