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4 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Boss

difficult boss

4 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Boss

No matter the company you work for and the industry you work in, you will encounter many individuals who may be difficult to get along with. But, what do you do when that individual is your boss?

difficult boss

Bad bosses are quite common in the workplace. According to one survey, three out of four respondents said that their boss is the worst—and the most stressful—part of their job. Are you one of the many who struggles to get along with your boss? Check out these tips to help you find common ground and enjoy your job once again.

1. Talk to your boss

As difficult as it may be, one of the best things you can do is sit down and talk to your boss. Don’t set a meeting to vent and complain about their actions. Rather, tell him or her what you need from them to be successful. Make the meeting more about you and what you need to do your job better. In most situations, the things you speak out about are what others feel as well. Your boss may be completely oblivious to many of these situations; this is a great way to open his or her eyes and ignite changes!

2. Understand your boss’s style and needs

Each manager has different policies and their own way of doing things. While one manager may want constant communication, others may not care until the project is complete. Spend time getting to know your boss and recognizing their style and needs. One problem many employees face is they think the boss should change and adapt to their specific needs.  This is incorrect! By understanding your boss’s own style in the workplace, you’ll find it much easier to get along.

3. Stand firm

Many employees dislike their boss because he or she acts like a bully. They push their employees around and are disrespectful. These situations can be very difficult to navigate but it is important that you do so with your head held high. Think about how you will handle tough situations with your boss before they happen so you can diffuse them as quickly and easily as possible. If the bullying is out of control, document all instances and behavior and report it to the proper personnel.

4. Be the type of employee you wish your boss was

One of the best things you can do is not let your difficult boss hinder your performance. When you are spoken to poorly, continually criticized, yelled at, and more, it can be easy to give up and not give your all to every assignment. Rather, become the type of employee you wish your boss was. Be happy, encouraging, and give 100% to every task. Your positive energy will carry you far and it may be what other employees need to help them manage their own workdays with a terrible manager.

Unfortunately, sometime in your career, you will likely work with a manager or boss who is difficult and you dislike. But, by keeping the above tips in mind and a smile on your face, you will become a likable and indispensable employee and able to get along well with others—including your challenging boss.