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5 Things All Cover Letters Must Include

how to write a cover letter

5 Things All Cover Letters Must Include

When applying for a job, you may ask yourself how to write a cover letter. This document is what will help you introduce yourself to employers. It showcases your personality, talents, skills, and experiences. It’s something that should be well written and instantly creates a strong impression. But, you don’t want to include just any tidbits of information in your cover letter. You want to include the essentials and the things that will get you noticed!

how to write a cover letter

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you learn how to write a cover letter.

1. A Powerful Opening Sentence

Your first sentence is one of the most important. It needs to instantly attract your readers and make them want to learn more about you. Additionally, it should also be creative and set the tone for the rest of the content. You want this sentence to be direct and to the point. You don’t want to waste the time of the recruiters with fluff, but you don’t want to be too boring either. An excellent example of this would be:

As the recipient of the Man of the Year Award and after helping my team increase our revenue by 200%, I know I am the ideal candidate for the Sales Manager Position in your company.

2. Examples of Relevant Work

Your resume is how recruiters and managers are going to learn about your skills and experience, but this information is very limited. If you wish to expand and provide more details about relevant work that will help set you apart and show that you are qualified for the open position, your cover letter is the place to do it. However, just make sure that all the work experience that you discuss in your cover letter pertains to the open job opportunity.

3. Why You Would Fit Into the Work Culture

When applying for certain job opportunities, managers and recruiters are looking for candidates who not only possess the skills that they desire, but who will also fit into the company culture. One of the most important things to remember as you learn how to write a cover letter is to do your research. Learn about the company, its mission, goals, and culture. Use this information to explain in your cover letter why you would be valuable and why they should consider you.

4. Honesty

Did you know that more than 75% of human resource managers have caught a lie on a resume? While you certainly want to stand out and make an immediate impression with both your resume and cover letter, you also must be honest. Your lie may not be discovered during the hiring process, but if you stated that you were proficient in a certain program and were suddenly asked to utilize it, you better be prepared to demonstrate that skill!

5. Call-to-Action

You want your cover letter to push the managers or recruiters to schedule an interview with you. You want them to contact you to learn more about you and why you would be an asset to their team. Just make sure that as you write your call-to-action that you are friendly and personable. You don’t want to sound too arrogant or pushy. A great example would be:

I appreciate your time and am eager to learn more about your company and discuss this job opportunity. I am available at your convenience for an in-person or telephone meeting.


Learning how to write a cover letter can be intimidating, particularly if you have not written this type of document in the past. By keeping the above five elements in mind, you will be able to create a cover letter that is sure to leave a powerful impression.