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Want to Get More Done Each Day? Do these 5 Things

Increase productivity in the workplace

Want to Get More Done Each Day? Do these 5 Things

Did you know the average business owner wastes approximately 21.8 hours each week? This is time spent on tasks that have little value and are not helping him or her achieve success. Luckily, there are several things you can do that will help you increase your productivity in the workplace and in other areas of your life. Let’s talk about five of them.

1. Take a Break Every Hour to Help Increase Productivity in the Workplace!

While you may think that taking frequent breaks will hinder your productivity, it will not. These breaks give your mind a rest and increase the energy you need to conquer the next chunk of work. Ideally, you should take a break every 60 minutes. But, these should be short breaks (such as 10 minutes). You may want to start a timer and use it to ensure you take your breaks and don’t spend too long resting.

2. If It Takes Less than Five Minutes, Do It Now

Some tasks can remain on your to-do list for days but in reality, they take less than five minutes to complete. Follow the rule that if a certain task takes less than five minutes, you do it right away.

For example, if you receive an email that doesn’t require a long reply, send a response immediately. Or, if you have a stack of papers that must be taken to the shredding pile, carry it there right now. Increasing productivity this way is a surprisingly quick and painless trick!

3. Exercise

Regular exercise not only helps you stay healthy, but can increase your productivity in the workplace as well. Physical activity improves your mental health and brain function, and also gives your body and mind more energy. And, if you find yourself sluggish throughout the day, use one of your 10-minute breaks to get up and walk around.

4.  Utilize Your Peak Hours

Every person has a time of day when they tend to work best. This is a time when they have the most energy, their brain is clear, and they are productive. Determine when this time is for you. Then, block this time off in your schedule, shut your office door, and focus on getting as much work done as possible. This may only be one or two hours a day but this can be when you produce your best and high quantity of work.

5. Stay Organized

Even a little disorganization can cost you a significant amount of time. Try to keep your office or workspace clean and organized. This will make it easier for you to find necessary documents and paperwork, and even relieve some unnecessary stress. However, you should also strive to organize your workload and calendar. Create to-do lists, diligently stick to a daily schedule and routine, develop time management habits, etc. These will help you stay on task and better prioritize the work that needs to be completed.

No matter what tasks you need to accomplish, by keeping the above five things in mind and implementing them in your schedule, you’ll find you are more productive, happy, and satisfied with your life and accomplishments.