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Basic Interview Etiquette You Need to Know

Basic Interview Etiquette You Need to Know

When you walk into a job interview, you want to make an immediate impression. While being prepared, your personality and even your resume will all contribute to your overall impression and the likelihood of getting the job, there is still basic interview etiquette you need to follow. Here are several things you should keep in mind during your next job interview. 


Arrive on Time

Walking in late to a job interview is not only going to make a bad impression, but it is also rude as well. This one action tells your interviewers that this job is not a priority to you or you are not a punctual person — both will hurt your chance of landing the job. However, you also don’t want to arrive too early. This can create awkward situations for both you and the interviewer. 


Turn Your Phone Off

 Basic interview etiquette says that you need to turn your phone off during the interview. Don’t set your phone on vibrate or low. These can still make noises that will disrupt the interview. Rather, just shut off your phone altogether and if you do turn it to silent, do not constantly look at it or answer a phone call during the middle of your interview. 


Make Eye Contact

 Maintaining eye contact shows that you are listening well and are engaged in the conversation. It also shows the interviewers that you have confidence and are professional. However, you want to be cautious of your eye contact. You don’t want to stare down the individual who is asking you questions or constantly look away. If you want to have excellent interview etiquette, make sure to maintain eye contact but don’t overdo it. 


Don’t Vent and Complain

 Some candidates turn their interview into a time where they vent and complain about their current job position, previous bosses and employers, etc. The job interview is not the time nor place for this type of behavior. You want to appear as a positive and happy individual, not someone who complains behind their employers’ back. 


Say Thank You

 One of the best things you can do during and following a job interview is to show appreciation for the interview. You want to thank the interviewers for taking the time to talk to you and allowing you to discuss yourself and why you would be such a valuable asset to the team. While you should certainly do this in person during the interview, take the time following the interview to send a hand-written note or a kind email to those who interviewed you. These don’t have to be long letters, they can be just a few simple sentences. 

 It is common to walk into a job interview nervous and stressed. However, when you know and have practiced interview etiquette, you will make a strong impression and increase your chance of landing the job. If you struggle with any of the above, make sure to hold mock interviews so you can perfect your weaknesses and make a strong impression.