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How to boost your productivity in the workplace


How to boost your productivity in the workplace

If you are ready to take your job performance to the next level but are struggling with how to make it happen, consider starting with assessing how you can boost your productivity.

Using these techniques and evaluating your current working habits will allow you to improve your performance.


Cut the distractions

There are so many things that can steal our attention in the workplace, making it easy to get distracted and lose valuable time.

If you find yourself getting bogged down by email, have set times during the day when you check and respond, and the rest of the time leave it closed.

If it is social media that distracts you, set up a time for this as well, but then also set a timer: when it goes off, log out of your account and get back to work.

Get moving

Sometimes we are deep into work mode, and feel like there is not a spare minute free, let alone ten minutes to get up and take a quick walk to re-energize our body.

But doing that and getting moving – even if briefly – can be a game-changer for your productivity and will likely end up benefiting you.

Something as simple as walking up a few floors or walking around the office can be enough. Better yet, walk outside!

Combining physical activity with fresh air is the best solution, allowing you to have a clearer mind, become more focused and to have a decreased level of stress.

Start the night before

At the end of each day, before you clock out and go home, prepare a to do list for the following day.

Take ten minutes to do an assessment of what you finished for the current day, what is carried over to the following day and what new things are coming up in the week that you need to start working on.

Doing this the night before means you can arrive in the morning and get started right away, avoiding any early morning distractions.

Start delegating

Remember that you don’t have to do it all yourself!

In fact, some things that are on your list may be more efficiently accomplished by someone else who is skilled in that field, allowing you to focus on your own strengths.

To make this happen, become confident in delegating tasks appropriately to your fellow colleagues, or be open to asking for help on the parts of the tasks that you know take up most of your time because you are less efficient in that area.


While it may be just a ten-minute distraction a few times a day, or a slow start to the morning, these small things can add up and be major productivity killers. Instead, keep your eye on the prize and use these actionable tips to help you accomplish even more when you’re at work.