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Common Interview Mistakes That Are Costing You The Job

interview mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes That Are Costing You The Job

interview mistakes

It’s a fact: Interview mistakes happen. The interview is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. This is the time where you can tell potential employers why you are the best candidate and why they should hire you. But, you must tread lightly. There are many things you could do to ruin your chance of making a good impression (and landing the job). Let’s discuss five of them.

1. Your timing is poor

You should never arrive late to a job interview. And while this one thing is critical if you want to make a good impression, you must also avoid arriving too early. This will impact your interviewer’s schedule and create some awkward moments in the lobby. It is best to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This is one of the EASIEST interview mistakes to remedy! 

2. You don’t turn your phone on silent

Continuous ringing and beeping noises are not going to impress potential employers. Rather, it will tell them that this interview is not important enough to set aside your phone for a few minutes. If there is an emergency at home or you absolutely must check your phone, explain to your interviewer at the beginning of the interview. If not, put your phone away and don’t worry about it.

3. You haven’t done your research

If an individual is taking time out of their day for an interview, you better come prepared. They know you’re not perfect and likely expect a few interview mistakes. However, you should thoroughly research the company and learn as much as you can about its mission, goals, products, and services. Prepare yourself for any questions that they may ask you and how you will answer. Develop a list of questions that you can ask during the interview that not only shows that you are interested but that you are willing to learn and know more!

4. You put on a fake persona

You want to impress potential employers – but you also want to show them who you are and your true personality. Keep in mind that the interviewer is determining if you are a good fit within the company and its culture. If you pretend to be someone you are not, they will not be able to make an accurate conclusion. If you want to impress, act professional, but be friendly, energetic, and confident (this is basic Interview Mistakes 101!).

5. You don’t smile

No matter if you are going into a job at a retail clothing store or to manage a multi-million dollar company, the interview can be scary and stressful. In many cases, your fear and stress can be evident in your body language and in your face. No matter how frightened you are, don’t forget to smile. If you put out positive, happy energy, they will be more drawn to you and you will stick in their mind when they are making a final decision.

It is wise to, before your interview, figure out how your body reacts to stressful and scary situations. Do you end up keeping a straight face, having a stiff posture, etc? Determine what you need to do to appear relaxed, happy, and confident throughout your entire interview.

Before you step into any job interview, evaluate yourself and make sure you are both mentally and physically prepared. When you are, you can avoid many of these common interview mistakes mistakes and land the job of your dreams.