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4 communication skills critical for getting hired in the workplace


4 communication skills critical for getting hired in the workplace

The increasing amount of work performed online and the quick advancement of technology in the workplace means it is becoming simpler than ever to stay behind a screen.

Interaction with your boss happens via email and instant message at the office, you text your co-workers and colleagues, and orders from clients come through your online ordering platform.

Despite all of this, if you want to move up in your career, honing your professional communication skills is a critical step. Here’s what you need to focus on:



One of the best things you can practice when it comes to improving your skills in communication is your ability to listen.

Communication is about more than just talking and exerting your own voice.

It is also about being able to listen to, interpret, and intelligently respond to the voice and opinions of others.

Without both pieces, there will inevitably be a breakdown in communication, leading to unprofessional actions, mistakes, or wrong messages delivered in the workplace.


More than just being able to effectively communicate both in speaking and listening is the ability to communicate with confidence.

When it comes to giving your opinion or being clear and concise about what you are trying to say, it is necessary to do so in a confident way.

Take ownership of what you are saying and don’t be afraid to put it out there, provided it is backed by valid research and is an important thing to be shared.

Failure to be able to confidently communicate indicates that you might not be competent in presenting or speaking to authority.


Don’t underestimate the need for competent and skilled written communication having the same importance as oral.

Excellent written communication means that you can competently create words that professionally display your opinion or information.

Presenting to your future boss with a resume or cover letter that is full of spelling errors and fails to intelligently portray your skills and abilities.

It’s also not a good start to your time as a new employee, and likely won’t get you very far in the process.


Communication loses a lot of validity when it is not delivered in a respectful way.

While you may not agree with what other people say or how they say it, being able to portray this in a tactful way is a key piece of the communication equation in the workplace.

You may clash with the feelings and sentiments of your co-workers or boss from time to time, but offering a response to that difference in the wrong way may end up costing you your job.


If you are looking to secure a new job in the near future, take some time to check in on where you stand with your communication skills and brush up on any areas where you think you could boost your abilities.