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How to Ask for a Promotion

How to Ask for a Promotion

Asking for a promotion can be stressful and a little overwhelming. How can you prepare for this important conversation? What mistakes should you avoid? Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you approach your boss and make this important request. 

Do Your Research

Before asking for a promotion, it is important you are prepared. You should have examples ready for why you deserve this promotion, how you will succeed in it, and why they should consider you for the job. Have documents that you can present showing the specifics of the work you have done. This preparation will also help to reduce the nerves you may feel prior to this meeting. 

Know the Right Person to Talk To

Who is the individual who will make the final decision regarding the promotion? Is it your boss? Your boss’s supervisor? The CEO? By knowing who the final decision-maker will be, you can better prepare for this conversation. Plan for this conversation with that specific individual in mind. For example, one manager may desire a full presentation, while another would like just a few key points to look over. 

Know Your Why

When asking for a promotion, you will likely be asked why you are interested in the job. Do you want more money? Do you believe you could make a difference in that position? Is this the next step in your career? You will want to think carefully about this reasoning before you ask for a promotion. This will also help you determine if you are truly ready for more responsibility and the new workload or if you are happy with your current position.  

Consider the Timing

When asking for a promotion, the timing can make all the difference. You want to plan a time where you have your manager’s undivided attention and you can showcase why you would be best for the job. Your annual or semi-annual review is an excellent time to begin this conversation. During this meeting, you should discuss your achievements, where improvements could be made, and your career goals. 

Another time that may be ideal is if the individual currently in the position you desire has officially given his or her notice and is leaving. This is a great time to schedule a meeting with your manager or boss to let them know that you would like to be considered for the open position. 

Schedule a Meeting

If you have a strong relationship with your boss or manager, it may be easy to ask for a promotion in a casual matter. However, it is in your best interest to schedule a meeting. Plus, let your boss know that you want to discuss the possibility of a promotion when you schedule the meeting. This will give him or her time to prepare and to reflect on your performance and success. 

Asking for a promotion can be intimidating but by being prepared, knowing why you want the promotion, and choosing the timing of the meeting wisely, this will become a more pleasant experience.